’11 month birthdaies’ multiplication table reason · Nayong and heartburnings ·1 display panel is decorated.


The site ‘the click Star Wars’ imparting ‘it is appreciated in the reason · Nayong and Ttaeeonajwo’ 31 day idol ranking information is hosting the birthday display panel project of ” group multiplication table reason and Nayong. It was the global support in which the congratulation image is screened at Korea and Japan according to the event success or not and the congratulation revealed. Korea Japan and China fans the birthday event of the reason supervised in the click Star Wars ‘ and Nayong can participate together. It is the way that the fans contribute to the project want the sort (point) which it gathers in the site. If 100,000 muches gets together, screen the picture congratulating the birthday of 2 people in the display panel which 100m is apart from the Tokyo in Japan Sinjukku Ohkkubo Shin opposite. If 200,000 muches gets together, if it breaks till Japan and Seoul Subway 2 the line 43 the alteration waiting room display panel and 500,000 muches, the treble bus advertisement with is proceeded. While the various gift which the click Star Wars ‘ prepares is waiting for 2 people, the outcome gets attention if the birthday project can succeed for the remained event period. Meantime, ‘the click Star Wars’ is the play space of the idol fandom providing the community, event, and etc. beat with every kind idol ranking information. The birthday display panel support of the star can apply for someone if it is the fan.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736807.htm, 2018/10/31 10:52:06]