2,018 AAA and ‘the festival of the Byeoldeul’ till the Lee Byung-hun · my humble mind mistake from the BTS· Tteuwaiseu


The stars are all mobilized to 2,018 Asia Artist Awards (2,018 Asia artist awards and under ‘2,018 AAA’). 2,018 AAA’ revealed the formal teaser video. It was preopened on 31st in MTN and the image was inserted after ‘2018 AAA’ official web site and Star news SNS, and etc. In the teaser video, there is the number to read the lineup where it decides on this including the last awards ceremony scene and participates in the awards ceremony. 26 honor the Republic of Korea and Asia teams of singer, 28 actors which has ‘2018 AAA’ in which the Leetteuk and isomerism Jjeum are in charge of MC together. Presently, 20 teams were opened to wanna circle, icon, Tteuwaiseu, Sebeuntin, Geekko, new yeast W, Monstar X, AOA (AO A), smallpox nothing, stern, Gasebeun, seven, space girl, multiplication table, Momo land, snooper, SF 9 (the signal fail court lady), KARD (card), and Chungha. It was Gwak poem which learning Lee Byung-hun, Lee, Yi Junhoh, organ Yong, Dami Kim, Myoungsoo Kim, camp, pearl brother, fatty general purport Korean translation of Chinese character, Ryujun row, flexibility seat, Seolhyun Kim, stingy lewy Ho, leeseunggi, year of swine phosphorus, and most Tae awards. 22 people was revealed to Hyunsu Shin, Idahui, Enson Chung, and my humble mind mistake. According to 2,018 AAA’ public relation agency Y tri company, the world is the equitable way the global Korean wave fan rough based on the object big data. The popularity award of which the reception is determined by the vote of 100% fans among that closes the second vote after the first on 31st. Meantime, ‘2018 AAA’ opens in the global hub CT Namdong-gu in Incheon gym on November 28th.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736868.htm, 2018/10/31 17:07:40]