Be the # actor competent derived in ‘the forming thoughtless word’ Ganghanna better and write the # national petition # anti-Korean sentiment in the square style.


Many issues are created due to Korea molding disparaging remark of the broadcaster Ganghan which is being active in Japan. As to controversy, of course, the time including the national petition text and anti-Korean sentiment emotion, the actor competent who is He and different person of the same name appears and etc. has the shape that is more heavier over the time. It appeared in Japan Yomiuri TV ‘the Ttokku profiteering Seamaotto Yo’ which last 27th which the competent appears is broadcasted. He told that it was “when 99 people installs (molding) among 100 entertainers that I know” and not only entertainer but also people was doing in Korea much. After that, there are the lot of ” Korean entertainer friends and whenever it meets, the face is changed. Feel ashamed if it sees silently. It doesn’t tell ‘it did’. It didn’t open and told to that place and did to be the panels surprised. The straw Eo saw the issues which there are being adverse criticism with the speech of the Ganghan. # As soon as it is the actor competent better and is the competent better and the controversy happens, the actor competent of which the recognition is high in the national of is gone out, at the same time, the interest against is hit and there is. The netizen is showing the reaction called “it knew to be the actor competent age and even if it was the broadcaster competent better, there was. But” mostly. It was the competent better and ‘the thoughtless word dispute’ was dragged till the past concept speech which it went out of the actor competent, it did. ” world was disturbed and the address in which I was the vestiges of Japanese imperialism was being used for the year 2,014 its own SNS which the actor competent appears in 2014. Was the fact that it didn’t know I and there was? It exchanged into the new address just now. The article was published everyone was able to make sure. The number address explained as Japanese residue whether it was the address method which we are using and the government underscored at that time to use the road name address using the name and building number. Like this, the netizen was “the broadcaster competent of is gone out, it is the actor competent better and is bringing disgrace on the face” ” different person of the same name while the writing of the using actor Ganghan of 4 years ago was well-known. The mistaking times ” actor is strong but it is the half 10,000 Daabwa and the reaction of the etc. is coming out. # in the national petition bulletin board in ‘the forming thoughtless word’ controversy of the Gungmincheongwonganghan, the writing of ‘be the competent better and expel from the broadcaster Korea’ ‘prohibit the persistent entrance into a country to be carried the competent’ etc. is coming up. In the relevant posting, be the broadcaster competent which it betrays the country in order to go to ‘ Japan and make money better. Deprive the Korean nationality so that the broadcast can, be unable to come out. The detail is that written nation is needless. If even the competent will be carried from the Portal site, the color is done, these who are many as much as the national petition comes out with the related search word are getting angry by his speech. However, some netizen “it moves toward this one to the application” (jang****) petitions for much one all. Public bulletin(zlzl****) it has the reaction that it imposes a bit to go to the back application bulletin board. # ‘the forming thoughtless word’ of the anti-Korean sentiment emotion Ganghan, furthermore, it is having an effect on the Korea Japan relationship. In Japan Portal site, the hot reactoin is shown putting the speech of the Ganghan, and ‘the anti-Korean sentiment emotion’ is shown. Japanese partial netizens is showing the reaction of “it is the people of which the eye is torn and as to Korean, the molding is the essentiality” “japanese is a person of distinct individuality and Korean is the man-made man and the face is the same” “it knew 100 people was the molding among 100 Korean and it is amazing” back. Besides, it is continued with the critical public opinion about the etc. Idol group. Like this, a word of the Ganghan thrown lightly has the fire the xiphin shape on the anti-Korean sentiment emotion. While the military prostitution issue, and etc. that it continues with the rising sun problem that it becomes a subject of discussion previously and it is being mentioned continue, this adverse criticism seems not to quiet down easily. The competent appears it is the consistently ‘refuse to answer’.
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