Break “be scolded by the wool if the instar is done”… Gsin and silence and open the recent condition.


The girl group Brown eyed Geolseu Gsin stopping the activity because of the health worsening last year tells the recent condition in just 9 months and the eyes is. The cell Carle of the leaf introduced Gsin to the Instagram of the dawn I with the writing of the detail called “it is scolded by the mom if the instar is done” on 31st. The revealed photo center Gsin released the fascination sought with the Short Cuts hairstyle. The doll visual was boasted with the skin like the white jade and ear eye mouth and nose clear. As to He, the photo taken with the group member ZEA who is same along with the writing raised “it saw just now and would like to see “. Because Gsin which was not SNS active is the ex-Han nation recent condition so far after long interval, the hot interest of the netizens against is hit and there is. The fans watching the recent condition photo of the Gsin left “the sister waited”, “be again quickly active”, and comment of “come back anytime” back. In the meantime, the activity is stopped because of the health worsening and it is resting last year.
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