‘commendation of president’ Kim south Ju and ‘the inversion life’ of the tear


The large-scale prize is awarded, thank you It deeply will regret as the weight which the prize awards as the actor in the future and the more efforts will be done. It would like to divide like Seongwoo Kim and this honor to It become my who It becomes the support so that I can hire fiercely 2 children Gimnahui and Gimchanhui and friend that within lifetime is good in the future. (Ellipsis) the father died when buying 3. The mind and glory giving thanks to the mother who it is not to come up from the country and throw away I and brings up so far truly to would like to be turned. (our ink-stick) the tear of ” actor Namchoo Kim all Jjinghaet The acceptance speech which the deep emotion is young seemed to stand out poisonousness. Kim other Ju got the commendation of president in ‘2,018 Republic of Korea popular culture art award’ awards ceremony which is held in the Songpa-gu Seoul Bangi-dong Olympic Park Olympic hall at last 24th. The popular culture art award is the government prize system raising the creative enthusiasm of the social phase of the popular culture art and popular culture artist. As to scene, which said the acceptance speech and gets deeply affected the something made these watching this hold in arms to be heavy on stomach. Impressive meaning was left it exceeds the pleasure of the reception. The hometown of Namchoo Kim is Kyonggi-do pyungtaek. While 3 years old measure money was cost and the father failed in the business, it became difficult drastically. It moved to the pine charcoal which lost the father early and is adjacent but the convenience was not changed. The poverty from was unable to be broken away through the childhood till the adolescence continuously. All Sarat the time which is hard as much as even it gets the distributed rice in the office of a dong and maintains the living As to the He “the mother didn’t bring the friend to the home saying that it was hateful to display the shabby life”, there is when confessing “as to the childhood I, when there was no dream”. ◆ Kim other Ju and living of are taken care and the life as public official is gone through for a while and the case where It becomes the stepstone toward the success future which the shyness is not rolls the hop ‘the only support the mother’ poverty in the actor much more. It is arrogant and the selfish work Geogat is the same with the childhood of Namchoo Kim. When being the only support, then the mother was the hope of the life to Kim south Ju. It is the side job which attaches ‘doll eyes’ for the living after graduating from the high school the past which moreover one fact is precious from him. The actor takes care that also it makes money wholly that It decides to become the officer just before It becomes the actor In the pine charcoal region, it said be in charge of the business of civil application which worked for some time and issues every kind of verifier. Register in the preparatory school for a college as the salary which it gathers between 3 months since Kim other awarding. Enter Suwon women university department of dancing after the luck once. There is no forever impossible dream. It gets to participate in Miss Korea area selection contest in 1992 and wins a prize at the game battle formation (battle formation) and the start toward the success is a step taken. As to the beauty woman contest granularity, it became the steppingstone of the model activity. Kim other which it gets a shock by the fact that the performance fee of the partner which it says do, prints the clothing brand catalog is out of common many compared with me and, it made the opportunity making a leap into the actor again, debuts as the year 1994 SBS four natures of drugs 0 the house the talent Ju the drama ‘man and woman in the urban area’, ‘the man great exploration’, ‘model’, and performance Ha in ‘my heart is fascinated’ backSpout the latent talent. The activity, that is the year 4, was stopped after the drama ‘her House’ in 2001. The casting proposal of the work which MBC ‘the woman who would like to get married’, KBS 2TV ‘pearl necklace’, MBC ‘phoenix’, and SBS ‘honor to my family’ etc. is weighty was altogether refused. It was originated at that time to get involved in a series of conflict related to the management agency and the vacuum which it doesn’t want was taken. ◆ Kim other Ju Seongwoo Kim couple and property Ga bad factor which is very famous around the marriage ‘the subgenual 1 son 1 daughter’ entertainment world in 2005 can be again changed to the encouraging factor anytime. There is no one despair where there is the chance. Consequently, the good out of evil (good out of evil: It became the meaning) that the anger was changed and rather it is blessed. He sticking the face out as CF occasionally took the successful return after the movie ‘this guy voice’ with the drama ‘the queen of the inner bath’ in 2007 in 2009. This year MBC acting award very best acting award is received. Broad and level road and He acceded ‘the brachial plate daughter’ after through ‘the queen of the reversion’ ‘you has been roll the vine Jjae over’ etc. and it was eminent as TV pride. Kim other Ju showed off to do the building materials with the early this year general programming channels mystery melodrama ‘misty’ once again. In this drama, he undertook the anchor role of the character promoted as the strong perseverance for the aimed Ba and the perfect character digestive power of was made a boast. All Badat the praise with the acting ability which becomes intense more as much as the Braun tube return of the year 6 is ashamed Seoul awards best acting award was gotten for this work on the last 27th and Kim other Ju which gives the emotion in the receiving the president prize after imprinting the aspect of Korean entertainer on home and abroad was in full bloom at last. The Seongwoo Kim-Kim other Ju couple is selected as the property Ga which the entertainment world is very famous with the Sujong Choi-Ha Huira, Cha In-pyo-Aera Shin, Ijaeryong-valid feeling, Sangwoo Kwon-Taeyeong Sohn, Taehui Kim-stop Korean translation of Chinese character, and Hyegyo Song-Jungki Song couple. 1 daughter, 1 son is put with the actor Seongwoo Kim getting married in 2005. Kim other Ju tells to be hard one’s on past “one which is not now if there was no pain of the poverty”. There is the end. However, if it knows, the success turning point of Namchoo Kim can see as the will in which ‘the destiny releases the bridge that it is the accident to the trying man’ opens up the destiny by oneself.
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