Eunhye Yoon and return whom it droops “the apology was insufficient”… head are succeeded.


The mantissa native actor Eunhye Yoon evoking much criticism returns to the broadcasting to ‘dispute on plagiarism’ in the past. It got attention if the public in which He hanging once head freezes up mind could be and warmed in the front of public, MBN new tree pole ‘the anticipation watch’ production presentation opened with 31 with the day in the Seoul Gangnam-ku Nonhyon-dong imperial palace Dube hall afternoon. It is the drama which makes the imitation scandal into the inside story which it will be unable to do its own unit of measure and which the top actress who is the anticipation watch ‘it is the celibacy impregnable man’ star doctor ‘with’ love supremacist ‘ shows the unpredictable romance getting wider. Eunhye Yoon undertook within a drama long run star Yoochung Yoon role. It is the drama return of about 5 years after ‘the future choice’ in 2013. This day Eunhye Yoon has asked to the apology at the official meeting once because there is the chance before “3 year. It was sorry that it seemed to be the lacking apology, “***” wished the seat much and it aroused criticism once again and the will of the apology was conveyed. My mind throbbed in the word that it is the anticipation watch ‘while ” work is seen with the reason why it selects the return’ anticipation ‘. So, this art was selected. Because there was a lot of the lacking part, it was what that I can do well and the public thought if what for was waited and the romantic comedy got to be made and it revealed. However, when his comeback news is reported, then the public is showing the cold reactoin. Eunhye Yoon is previously seized by the dispute on plagiarism in China article talents ‘the fashion of the credit’ making the clothes in 2015 directly. The public opinion demanded the elucidation at that time but He ran through in the silent. It had the design of the designer who is the god of which the stolen brand is not balanced yet and the losing favor was added. The relevant clothes was sold at 4.9 billion won to the Korean money and was sold through Chinese shopping mall. Eunhye Yoon who doesn’t express the particular standpoint after He attending the domestic clothing brand venue from him after 3 months apologized “cause anxiety and be sorry” but as to public opinion, the ceremony was icily already the behind. He stopped all appearings in TV including the drama in the domestic after the plagiarism dispute. The outcome gets attention if the return in which Eunhye Yoon who comes back to TV after criticizing is successful can be taken.
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