“it is busy and is busy” Dongseok Ma and ‘neighbors’ ‘the nature vitellin’ etc. ‘on 10th, the pass’


It is working indeed like ‘the Chung-mu road’s ox’. The work, that is solder 한 work and prearrangement of release, is 5 this year. There is a lot of the work, that is the shooting middle. The casting news is heard every day. It is the talk of the actor Madong seat which doesn’t resting and is working. It is 2 works on November. The Madong seat is having the movie ‘neighbors’ ‘the nature vitellin’ premiere a period ahead. The schedule that Madong seat opens ‘the delightful fist action’ in these works It doesn’t break away from the character color which it showed so far, there is the concern for ‘the image consumption’ but the fans like the action of this peculiarity are expecting. The high-school girl was missing but ‘neighbors’ is the thriller in which the physical education instructor Kicheol starting newly for new post in the suspicious in which anyone doesn’t find village gets to chase the clue of the case. The Madong seat is the physical education instructor Kicheol station among the pole as expected. The boxer native additionally hiting against the attention of the world The high-school girl Eugene (the Gimsae Ron) and the disappearing student are found before and Kicheol who is the adult keeping the common sense in the movie uniquely struggles. His unlike other people character is well dirty in the trailer. Kicheol is bumped against one high-school girl and the high-school girl takes off. The power of Kicheol is the well dirty image. It has the looks used in many movies so far. In ‘the nature vitellin’, his naked body action continues. If this work gets angry once, it is the action movie which the infinite rushes in order to find the wife index number which Dongcheol it changes suddenly awfully is kidnapped. The Madong seat undertook Dongcheol role living a life of the steady life. The same iron releases the instinct and Herculean strength which the wife took care that it found him before after it (geehyo Song) was kidnapped and it had been hiding. His delightful looks can be certainly seen. The Madong seat revealed the opinion about the image consumption in ‘neighbors’ press conference recently. He told “when I think that I have to install to the end even though there is the degree of fatigue in a certain degree if ‘ Madong flint fire ‘ one character is wanted in the movie including the director and maker, and etc. (as the actor)”. After that, there can be no thought which why it will try the different character and then it can ask. There is. However, all movies don’t come into me. The movie mainly like that comes, solder 한 works are the works planned with ‘criminal city’ previously on “***” recent. The different movie can be said to be prepared from 2~3 and it can be said to be the shooting middle “. The guys who the movie ‘ the Madong seat is bad: The movie ‘ (gaze) ‘the bad man former’ is more shot. All Moeun the interest ‘one time action’ which or It becomes his specialized is spread the new action is altogether unexpectedly shown as the action phosphorus The scientist role for was known to be and received proposal in the movie ‘baekdu Mountain’ of the Lee Byung-hun · my humble mind mistake starring recently and it is the matter of concern that maybe it changes into the character in which He is fresh.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736815.htm, 2018/10/31 14:09:26]