‘it is ever good’ Baek Chinhui and change…’ with the office workerThe Gwiyeoppo partner 3 kinds expression ‘


The actor Baek Chinhui changes into the extremely common South Korean office worker. This KBS is having the first broadcastings ahead with 11 with the month on 7th it opened the star of KBS 2TV TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘it is ever good’ and steel of Baek Chinhui 2TV new TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘it is ever good’ (the direction this urticaria) which is the same as the war of the agent on 31st it is the snob Chinsang Baek (geehwan Kang) head and second base (the Baek Chinhui) that it makes him the repentance. All RyeotThe differentiated and fresh work changes to the work which adds the job reality and time loop and combines the immorality senior officer rehabilitation story with the existing office water, it looks forward. Because the look which hears of the suspicious happening in its own 2 sights case and in which resentful Baek Chinhui is shocked is made with the extremely common South Korean office worker in the revealed photo among the pole, the eyes is captivated. The schedule which gets involved in the situation where it is unable to do the expectation connected with the senior officer Chinsang Baek who is hateful as much as it would like to be the porridge that it accomplishes among the pole according to the manufacturer and faces the situations which it is poor to believe where its own day is infinity repeated It is preventing the mouth with one hand in a hurry and is being frighteningly surprised and because it is displaying the look which sees the watch and is shocked, as to she, the feeling of movement is delivering effusively the feeling which is hard to believe to this. Besides, it makes to expect that day special of Baek Chinhui confined in the time loop magic starts from her who is being tearful till the tear with staring appearance. Eunchin Lee director who took care of the joint production of ‘the neighborhood lawyer team Lake’ when the drama ‘it is ever good’ melting the popularity webtoon of the same name up with the drama jollily was the producer of ‘kim Gwajang’ previously broadcasted on the popular found the megaphone. The actor Geehwan Kang, Baek Chinhui, consonance (the Gangjun smallpox), Baksol U.S. (the childhood white opposite), and class string Jjeum (minchoo Choi opposite) appears. KBS is notifying appearance of the fresh office water in advance 2TV new TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘it is ever good’ which is broadcasted to ‘the today’s espionage’ subsequent it is the next week Wednesday.
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