SHINee key and splendid self-support (feat The possession)


All Allin the start in which the Boy SHINee in group (on Yoo, Jong-hyun, and Key Minho Tae civilians) key (Key) announces the digital single ‘Forever Yours’ (the forever Eoseu Yoo) and which is splendid as the solo singerLike this, the SM Entertainment Company Limited took at 6 p.m. on November 6th melon which revealed and the key comes on 31st. It told to was planning to reveal the digital single ‘Forever Yours’ on all sorts of music sites including the Aittyunjeu, Apple music, sporty pi, chamois music, and etc. and come out on the real working. The reaction of the global music fans is hot already. The new musical composition ‘Forever Yours’ of the key felt the feeling which put the appearance in which the sweetheart is really with rhythm and blues pop tune in which the bar eve of the clear and cool tropical house stands out in the housekeeping and is excited. The possession participated by the featuring and especially the fascination of the tune was doubled. The agency is planning to open the teaser image of the key to the official site and every kind SNS SHINee account today (31 days) from 6 p.m.
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