‘spirits’ which is side by side the chart in the bulletproof Boy Scouts ·RM and U.S. ‘the Billboard 200’


The playlist ‘mono.’ of LOVE YOURSELF time ‘Answer’ album of the group bulletproof Boy Scouts and RMThe repackage album LOVE YOURSELF time ‘Answer’ of the bulletproof Boy Scouts recorded the 50th according to the latest chart which it threw up the spirits which it is side by side the chart caused, 30 days (local time) Billboard announces to the U.S.A Billboard Maine album chart ‘the Billboard 200’ in ‘the Billboard 200’. Therefore, it started with ‘the Billboard 200’ entry the first the share 1 the Wi in last September and the eighth, the 15th, the 19th, the 25th, the 24th, the 31st, the 27th, and the 50th was gone through and ㅇ formed the splendid achievement succeeding in 9 weeks series Billboard Maine album chart phosphorus. In addition, the playlist ‘mono.’ of RM It was hit by the multiple happy occasions accounting for the 26th in the same chart. This is the best rank among Korean solo singer. When it is the digital album which the real album is not, and moreover, especially taking totalized one the sales into consideration on 3rd, the international interest about the bulletproof Boy Scouts and popularity is the high level. mono.’It put name in two Wi of ‘the world album’, two Wi of ‘the independant album’, ‘digital album’ quarternity, ‘the top album sales’ 5 the upper part, and 22 Wi of ‘the Billboard Canadian album’. LOVE YOURSELF time ‘Answer’ of the bulletproof Boy Scouts recorded three Wi of ‘the world album’, eight Wi of ‘the independant album’, 29 Wi of ‘the top album sales’, and 40 Wi of ‘the Billboard Canadian album’ in addition to. LOVE YOURSELF all ‘Tear’ and LOVE YOURSELF victory ‘Her’ occupied five Wi of ‘the world album’ and 6 grades, twelve Wi of ‘the independant album’ and the 14th, and 65 Wi of ‘the top album sales’ and the 71st. In the meantime, come 11 month 13 holds the concert for two days Tokyo Dome on 14th.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736789.htm, 2018/10/31 09:57:28]