The advance order is 1.1 million Jang and sense of presence of the exo (EXO).


The album line order exceeded the chapter 1.1 million while the Boy group exo (the ray which the chi Dio bag it will hold the protection writing string 3 the Korean translation of Chinese character poetical friend which proposes) came back as the regularity 5 album ‘DON’ T MESSUP MY TEMPO ‘ (the Donteu messed up MI tempo). Like this, on 31st, the agency SM Entertainment Company Limited told that exo regularity 5 album ‘DON’ T MESSUP MY TEMPO’ which November 2nd which revealed and which it comes is released broke through the standard and 4,617 1.1 millions on October 30th. Therefore, the regular album 5 Jang consecutive disc sales volume 1 million Jang is passed from one album of regularity till 5 familly and the unlike other people popularity is being proved. Moreover, it appears on the music program beginning with the KBS2TV ‘music Bank’ on November 2nd and the comeback performance is started and it is planning to come out on the real activity and the high interest of the global fans is shown as gotten one. Meantime, the sound source the exo regularity 5 album ‘DON’ T MESSUP MY TEMPO’ is opened through every kind of music site at 6 p.m. on November 2nd and it is released with the same day record.
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