The cheetah agency “it is difficult to it is right, tell… any more among the passionate love”


All Yeoreot the agency the mouth the wrapper cheetah becomes a hot issue the passionate love fact is opened in the broadcasting directlyThe agency C9 entertainment people concerned of the cheetah cherished the end it was difficult that it told any more when the passionate love confession which it reveals in ” (cheetah) broadcasting on 31st was altogether the individual private life of the fact “***” artist. It was the marriage one passionate love with the premise, whether the same reply was put out in the question if the boyfriend of the cheetah was the authorization. The passionate love fact was confessed and the cheetah appeared on MBC Every1 ‘video star’ which previously over 30th is broadcasted became a hot issue. In this day broadcasting, he brushed off the first meeting anecdote with the boyfriend frankly and the surprise was evoked. The honor from King, the cheetah has the store gone everyday and that place boss installs one day to come quickly now. It was seen as soon as it entered. Because the next seat was just in time vacant, it had a seat, I revealed “***” as the style ” going straight. After that, it tended to have the party in ” house much and the boyfriend party was invited. It knew ‘the mother asked’ doll came on foot if ‘ (boyfriend) was seen to the mom and it does and the boyfriend is proud of the boyfriend. In the meantime, ” limbs had the slender facial form on the skin which has to be long. If it expressed as the entertainer, it spoke as the feel ” which Lee Jong-suk is the same and the envy was incurred. In the meantime, it debutted as the blacklist single album ‘Money Can’ T Buy Me Love’ into the entertainment world in 2010.
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