The complaint “the threat it will kill with the scissor” made Nancy Lang and house call


Pop artist Nancy Lang accused the husband house call battle formation (the one’s real name Junchoo Jeon). Chosun-ilbo reported “when the complaint was presented to the prosecution saying that Nancy Lang received the several times violence, confinement, threat, and etc. from Junchoo Jeon” on 30th. The attorney of Nancy Lang installed according to the report “nancy Lang got the violence, confinement, and threat from the house call battle formation repeatedly” “it was assaulted in last August first third of a month many times. With being confined to the car after being assaulted last month on 11th it was again hit by the vial, and etc”. It revealed and, “after the house call gin will roll the towel around the scissor handle and it will make like the weapon, it will kill and threatened” “when the threat was gotten at 10 month vinegars with being confined in car from early morning 2 o’clock the next day until morning 9 o’clock”. The Nancy Lang got the abuse which over 100 cask exceeds at the day and threat letters and abuse phone last month from 23rd and the several times will transmit the private video capture photo of the revenge porno personality and if the work in which ‘ you selected and which it propels could feel with the mind it took the microscopic examination investigation eagerly well which if approached and which it comes to the body as a result of being how in the end, it will be good. It insisted to send the etc. threat text message together. Nancy Lang is receiving the prevention of one’s personal danger from the police after quarreling with one’s husband on the 20th of last month. The Seoul Court of Family Affairs got off the temporary guarded command putting the order to retreat, 100m within access barred, cellphone or the e-mail address reference numeral · the wording of a letter · acoustic · the video transmission prohibition, and etc. on the house call battle formation Nancy Lang home at last 22nd. Junchoo Jeon is the condition where it is the refuse to answer in relation with this. All Moat the interest the news which it did it killed the house call gin at last 10th is known After Nancy Lang revealed “when the divorce was determined with the reason including the secret lie of the birth of the house call battle formation, violence, confinement, and etc”. The front side the house call battle formation denied this. The legal couple came to Nancy Lang and house call jeans at December 27th in 2017. And presently, the divorce procedure is gone through.
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