The Ppabningbing, the gossip? The dress sale in the expensive price in the used article site


It was seized by the suspicion that the Chinese sphere top actor Ppabningbing evoking much criticism with the tax evasion charge attempted the transactions of used article with the expensive price recently. Ppabningbing published the sweet article selling the dress, hat, shoes, and etc. into the second hand article trade site ‘the Hwappeon spirit’ (flowerpot) at last 25th. This writing was written on its own SNS and it decided so that He could throw unnecessary one away and it can free from the obsession to dispose of the partial clothes, He told. The luxury goods dress of the cost 32,000 yuan (about 5.2 million wons) which is the most expensive thing among the article which Ppabningbing offers was appropriated for 6,300 yuan (about 1.03 million wons)s. Besides, the price of sneaker has 300~700 yuan (49,000 won ~114,000 won) point-level. Regarding this, it pointed out in some people compared with price of transactions of used article of the other celebrities that Ppabningbing sold the item into the so expensive money. It is the situation where the criticism is coming out if the intention that the Ppabningbing paying a large sum of fine by the tax evasion charge makes money with the transactions of used article is not recently. On the other hand, if it takes into consideration to be the clothes which is, the voice called the expensive price the Ani exists. In the meantime, the suspicion on tax evasion was received under the dual contract document preparation exposure of the second Chinese CCTV the former the show-host transition cotton flannel comfort in last June. He was known as one which puts 41 apartments on the market in order to pay the additional fee of 883.946 million yuan (about 145.6 billion wons)s.
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