Three ‘the anticipation point’s left the lingering imagery which ‘Langgun of on 100th’ end… is thick


If it reflected, ‘Langgun of on 100th’ and one and half months which it is together had ‘anticipation’ itself to the fans. ㄴ in which the cable channel TvN TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘Langgun of on 100th’ (the script bare ground rumor · direction dissimilar material) recorded the itself highest ratings 14.4 % (the Nielsen Korea · whole country · charge platform furniture standard) and which it prevents was young. The regretful attention leans to the farewell greeting with ‘Langgun of on 100th’ giving the anticipation to each time TV. The audience cried and laughed at Kyongsu Do and red lead who is resentful as the reason at the heart-rending love life of resentful Geehyun Nam. Three ‘the anticipation point’s of the interest rate in which it throbs the heart and red lead were considered. ◆ the interest rate who is the owner of the personality which the indicative expression of affection of the interest rate (the circle interest) is haggard was with bangs thrown in the pole like the mind toward the red lead casually without reservation and TV was dyed with the pink. Firstly, does the interest rate want to be seen? It is unable to see only three days and ” I doesn’t want to find any kind of memory before. Absolutely it would not forget as the Ieoeu or this moment, the past expressed the mind toward the red lead in the romantic line falling with a thump till the mind of the viewer as well as the back red lead whether there was you of ” I and something because of like to being at your side. The interest rate evoked the micro of the cute jealousy toward the red lead When the refinement gloss (sonhoh Kim) starting for new post as Hyeongam in Choohyun Song enjoyed the companionship of the red lead, then it kept in check and the firm bluff called “hyeongam doesn’t want any more one tied up with my lady” was gotten off and the micro was evoked in the lip. The famous line of the interest rate which moreover I act with Kyongsu Do was pointed out directly. It kicks in ” kitchen through the agency SM Entertainment Company Limited on the red lead in which the circle interest becomes sulky on 31st and absolutely Kyongsu Do doesn’t go where. The metabolized scene was memorable and it was your dear husband I revealed. ◆ After the first kiss scenes of the interest rate looked forward and red lead were drawn in the kiss scene 9 time which the interest rate ♥ Shimui Hong is sweet, continuously the scene of feeling sweet 2 characters could be met. As the mind grew deeper, it was unfortunate the relationship of heart-rending 2 characters gave simultaneously with the anticipation with the bygones which it is vermiculate with the interest rate losing the memory. The kiss scenes facing the feeling from the light skinship scene explosively delivered completely the sad feeling of 2 characters to the viewer. ◆ there was the last episode and ‘the Simkung (the heart is with a thump done)’ diary ” of the interest rate snow today. The eye blown off was seen, it came to mind. You asked. The fine rain is fine whether the eye is fine, whether. My answer is ‘you’ even if several times is bitten. Gieokhaneunya It is the day when you and I married today. The life says have 2 fathoms. One which it buys and all ones regard as the miracle and the other one lives as one is not any wonder. All moments were the miracle of me living as your dear husband to me for 100 days if it reflected. – in the interest rate diary middle school the last sashimi, the interest rate delivered the diary in which it writes so far to the red lead. The tear gathered in Shimui Hong eye reading the diary in which it is contained so that the eager mind toward the red lead could be packed. In the meantime, the affection scene of 2 characters starting carefully especially the scenes which the moment which the hand of 2 characters touches with each other is contained felt the viewers have been watch ‘Langgun of on 100th’ moreover the heart-rending feeling of 2 characters like the revolving lantern.
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