2. Korea-China international film festival, on 12th, the opening…”It becomes the bridgehead melted the Korea·China atmosphere.


2. Korea-China international film festival takes place in the Songpa-gu Seoul Olympic Park Olympic hall on 12th. Korea-China international film festival is the film festival which divides the cultural common-point of Korea and China and which plans the friendship of two countries and which it contributes to the discovery of new face. One chinese-made short film festival goes on as the event in advance. One chinese-made short film festival receives display the movie of over 140 chapter of all countries of the world and it shows the excellent work among these and awards. The short movie which was refreshing and the percentage of completion is high was exhibited with the majority and the examiner who the public trust is high is comprised and the reliability of the judgment and fairness is planning to be made. The actor yellow cattle kite (president of examiners), Ilhong Kang Deoppaekteu popular culture special correspondent (the deputy director in editorial office), KBS drama PD Wonyung Kim, actor Yuttaeung, wrapper random access PPI, Bongchun Kim SBS art club total chief, Lee Jung-Min fashion Beauty business managing editor, and Suri Oh Korea beautiful treatment (the) president of association comes forward by the fragment examiner. The man of god star excavation audition opens. The preliminary round was played in Seoul, Chungju, Sejong, and Daejeon with the audition progressing to the name called ‘to our village entertainer make’ and 25 men of ability were visited in the whole country. The actor possessing these star qualities and excel acting ability get to+be planning to take the appearance on the stage opportunity in the movie in which Korea-China international film festival makes and which it supports as the star and it is planning to be exhibited in one chinese-made short film festival the next year taking place. Korea-China international film festival object holds the various events as the cultural movie Je and contributes to the film industry development in the long term. The organizer is installing the active activity through ” film festival for the activity of a local economy and cultural exchange. In addition, it could become the bridgehead which can be the rust and the atmosphere of two countries blocked with the Sadeu (THAAD) problem was brightenned through the fusion. In this second time Korea-China international film festival, the Korea·China star and movie man and hollywood movie people concerned have a lot together. It is China actor Cho child. It is the feeling, or the director Jack sees the Wangbaochwang and Hollywood ‘kingsman’ series director Matthew Brinkley and actor Robert lamp which visits Korea. Moreover, the celebrating performance is done and the astro attends and the film festival is honored.
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