Donghan Kim and Haelleowin, surprisingly, the live progress…’The change ‘ with the Gao nassi


The singer Donghan Kim hosted the live broadcasting on the occasion of Haelleowinde. Donghan Kim hosted ‘#D NIGHT Happy Halloween with DONG HAN’ live broadcasting through the naver V app on the 31st of last month. This day Donghan Kim gave this which changed surprisingly into the movie ‘spiriting Away Of Sen And Chihiro’ character Gao nassi and sees from the first appearances with the smile. With being dressed up as the Gao nassi He showed the song and dance which the title song ‘the good night kiss’ (GOOD NIGHT KISS), G-dragon ‘askew’, big bang ‘Baengbaengbaeng’, and Nora team ‘***’ back is various. The project group JBJ title song which advanced and was active before the solo debut was selected. Especially the sticky friendship was displayed as ‘platform’ (HOME) sound source reaction of JBJ 95 (the Sang germs and Kkentta) the ash making debut on the 30th of last month. After that, Donghan Kim is enjoying Haelleowinde for “1 week. The Haelleowin which is every year for was waited and it said and ‘ sunset ‘ (SUNSET) stage was spread. Meantime, donghan Kim is acting for ‘the good night kiss’ after the second opinion mini album ‘the part night’ (D- NIGHT) issue on the 17th of last month. Japan concert and Thailand signing event for fan over is presided beginning with Taiwan fan meeting this month and the active activity is planning to be kept in the overseas.
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