Eunhye Yoon and netizen “… it becomes the drama of is come out” in the comeback news


All strings the response of the netizens the attention TV comeback news of the mantissa native actor Eunhye Yoon is reported The will of the apology was once and revealed after ‘dispute on plagiarism’ in the past. However, the public was showing the still cold reactoin, MBN new tree pole ‘the anticipation watch’ production presentation opened with 31 with the day in the Seoul Gangnam-ku Nonhyon-dong imperial palace Dube hall afternoon. This day Eunhye Yoon has asked to the apology at the official meeting once because there is the chance before “3 year. It was sorry that it seemed to be the lacking apology, “***” borrowed the seat much and it aroused criticism once again and hung head. He has that part if someone is not caused to the people who are abundant in “it is nervous for fear of disappointing as the work phosphorus doing after long interval and it is much tense” ” that reason. So, it is trying to shoot cheerfully more much in the site and the gratefully many people help and are taking a picture cheerfully and the return feeling is conveyed. When his comeback news was reported, then the most netizens showed the negative position through the related news comment window. As to some netizens, did you apologize before “3 year? One that the apology which it doesn’t was insufficient what(popi****) The, “was the word that it doesn’t use my name the apple?”(ldsw****) Is the actor like that at the, ” Republic of Korea? Surely it brings and do you have to use? When be said to being the work the men going wrong before the,”3 year all, the mouth is washed and it pretends not to know, when coming out of the drama, becoming and apologizing now. It revealed one’s heart truly, the text of ” (your****) etc. was left. Another netizens mentioned the changed appearance of Eunhye Yoon. The netizen “… the face seems to be unnatural”(nixk****) the, “…?it is the lips it is… nose bridge below eyes was done it was unable to see”(dakd****) the reaction of the back was shown. In the meantime, return to TV to ‘the anticipation watch’ in 5 years.
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