For “when the now stops” Hanseohui and ‘tube type’ and exposure


It became even when stopping now. It comes out and if it can forget. The Portal site real time searching Eo occupation one text was left in SNS In spite of being the time to be the year, his continuous ‘tube type’ action continues the steaming because of the narcotic smoking charge. It is the story of the idol former trainee Hanseohui. It is six months of year 2,017 that Hanseohui gives notice of the name. The fact that it smokes the tower of the group big bang and cannabis is the exposure measure direction Seo. The probation was sentenced to the probation 120 hour additional fee 870,000 won for the law breach allegation about the drug control which Hanser is white with the imprisonment at that time in 3 in 4. After tower was deprived of the military policeman identity and started the work in the Yongsan-gu office. At this time, the working of the Hanseohui started on a full scale. As soon as its own name which Hanser is white was known, SNS activity was actively engaged. All Badat the interest of the men including the speech, it is the bulletproof Boy Scouts Bwi mention, feminism, and Womadeu related from the actor infant human and verbal battle and etc. even I raise to the appearance which is transferred it is tied by the rope The many men are seeing his action with disapproval but the pretty appearance of the partial He is seen and the unconditional interest is given and the Hanseohui, so called, ‘tube type’ (the condition where the desire which it is eager it hits against the shortened word of the interest seed and interest is excessively high) action is continuing. The writing which seems to take aim with the tower was left on the 31st of last month and He climbed and the real time searching Eo. The idea to be come out can not install ” you which Hanser is white. It has been being where long. I received money from you, do and all Danin can propose to your peripheral people. The flower snake? Does the story come into me if it made a terrible noise? The writing was uploaded my talk freed and easy. The same day tower was due to go again into SNS activity. After that, even when having the interest in his speech, many netizens revealed the fatigue. ” you has been being long. It stops and ” (rnjs****) ” facebook and instar SNS upload are the problem. The strange things like Hanseohui make the tube type miscarry after which the Lee other one appears continuously, ” (wsr6***) “you have not been being long” (dbgk****) ” you can be included like one of which the magnetism is great. It was the same drug addict, ” (dhl7****) “really, the tube type one which it uploads the instar knows” (poop****) ” tube type climbed and the real time searching Eo. The reaction of the Deut ” (umin****) “the tube type abuses the tube type” (end9****) ” back enjoying this politeness is shown. The text in which the exposure which Hanser is white is strong was left. He, Are you really known? I told whether I concealed the several you Ne company businesses. After that, it is truly anew nice. The reporters score ‘ Seo hui Ssi just. It was scary to do please, this 1 the foundation tri person ‘ and it refused all just and tried this way to that time burst just. The assumed picture was inserted with one put on YG entertainment restroom, saying that it believed maybe to you be well known what it was. It was the exposure where there is the reality, whether it could not know whether it was the lie without the reality but became to receive the interest under this kind of speech which Hanser is white once again. He takes care to arrest attention and SNS is used and He continues and is raising the provocative post and writing to the narcotic smoking charge anything but the steaming. It is the situation where the shudder appears on the issue which the most of men is related to Hanseohui now. His who is that comes and goes the entertainment and social issue and it arrests attention action is causing the ill effect to many thises. Now, ‘tube type’ action is the time to stop.
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