Go to DJ DOC and ‘the now, altogether, the married man’… standing Yong.


DJ DOC (the member Kim Changryeol, this sky, and standing Yong) standing Yong (46) joins in ‘married man’ rank. 3 bad boy DJ DOC becomes the married man by the marriage of the standing Yong altogether now. As to the edaily star In, the standing Yong reported the girlfriend of 19 years old swallowings and passionate love in 2 on 1st to promise the marriage vow finally. All Ullin the wedding march in the standing Yong comes according to the news on December 1st Seoul Seocho-gu Deo Riverside Hotel which As to the bride to-be of the standing Yong, december 1 of which the wedding ceremony opens by the women of the beautiful face where there is the girl group and model activity career can be the day which comes accurately for 2 years that 2 people meets. As to and, the girlfriend of the standing Yong, the standing Yong adds the pleasure with ‘the soon to be father’ with 9 weeks after pregnancy. The standing Yong is planning to set up the newlyweds home in Kyonggi-do Kimpo Han River new town after getting married. Therefore, ‘married man’ came to all the members. The eldest brother this sky got married on last October 10th and the Gimchang heat is the dad putting the middle-school aged son week ring you and daughter Ju-Ha amount. The standing Yong joins in the group from DJ DOC 2 album ‘murphy’s Law’ and is having been doing the activity in 1995. All Kkeureot the popularity the progress of not only the singer activity but also the past 2,006~2,008 year Mnet ‘purer 19 of the Jae easiness’ and ‘the music quiz show I know the egg’ back of is taken care
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