Hakdo Kim and Taiwan competition first participation after the professional poker player official registration


The broadcaster Hakdo Kim participates in the international conference as the qualification for professional player after the world poker tournament victory. Hakdo Kim sets out for ‘J88PT Taiwan’ Team Event opened come from December 12th to December 16th for 5 days Taiwan as the representative for Korea. Hakdo Kim submitted the formal list with its own name that it is ‘Hak-do Kim’. The Justin, tommy Kim, and red dust moat sally together into South Korean national team player. This competition is the first world tournament which J 88 (the representative steam is erased) in which Hakdo Kim belongs hosts. Hakdo Kim uploading the list on the participant poster side by side was said “the difference is big as the sky and land it has the actual fight ahead it will challenge as the amateur” “this heavy is not easy as much as the identity is changed”. Hakdo Kim held the trophy in the international Ppokkeoseuttajeu Super Series court lady (Porkerstars Live Manila Superseries9) Sikseuhaen deed turbo on the 8th of last month. Hakdo Kim the world tournament victory is the first time among the domestic celebrity. ([Single] comedian Kim Hak ‘the international poker tournament’ championship and professional poker Gary Player change) as to ppokkeoseuttajeu, the competition the U.S.A and Chinese Philippines part opens every country including Vietnam, and etc. alternatively. It is famous for the big event in which it takes the up to now which is the most abundant by the single game of sports. The Ji, which Hakdo Kim taps 4~5 time Ssik international conference of the door every year since starting the first electric conductions in 2010 in 8 years, all Maeeot the fruit The global poker site Hong Kong corporation ‘J88’ Geeun Kim representative scouting as the agency representative player along with the official agreement right after victory of Hakdo Kim told to be one ” to It become the strength which is big in “the change which the period which after which Hakdo Kim gives notice of the news of winning a championship is short is surprising occurred” the domestic poker player league activation. After Hakdo Kim won the victory, the family picture was put on the global popularity poker magazine PokerCast Asia main page with the character introduction that it is ‘korean famous men’. Hakdo Kim uploaded the participant list on ‘the Silk Road cup J88 poker tour’ which is held in China beginning with come 12 month Taiwan international conference in January next year early. Hakdo Kim called as ‘Inganjerokseu’ among the comedian like the vocal mimicry C3b INA is the entertainment world Dadungi dad that marries the baduk player one mariner as Myongji University civil engineering department and Joonang university graduate school journalism former master on September 6, 2008 and puts 1 daughter, 2 son.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736928.htm, 2018/11/01 10:30:53]