“it has been being where long” Hanseohui and tower aim? …”Scold the dog which the dog asked the excrement asks the excrement.


The text in which the idol former trainee Hanseohui seems to shoot the tower of the group big bang was left. The idea to be come out can not do ” you in the Instagram of Hanser is white on 31st night I. It has been being where long. I received money from you, do and all Danin can propose to your peripheral people. The flower snake? Does the story come into me if it made a terrible noise? The writing was uploaded my talk freed and easy. The netizen is guessing if Hanseohui doesn’t aim at the tower putting the eagle. The same day tower was due to go again into SNS activity. The tower published the picture of work of the Sel car of American famous writer mask Ro chan and He in the Instagram of this day I. It is the post which it uploads on April, 2017 after 30 days for the first time. Hey Hanser is white. The money is given and tell. There is a lot of you money. Neverthless, since it sees although it was seem to live silently and kept tight-lipped and passed just to spread the iron board and upload the instar it has the something to say. Neverthless, when the lie doesn’t me like you as you X snake. Are you really known? I say whether I concealed only the several you Ne company businesses and it is arousing curiosity. It is anew truly and nice Hanser is white. The reporters score ‘ Seo hui Ssi just. It was scary to do please, this 1 the foundation tri person ‘ and it refused all just and tried this way to that time burst just. The assumed picture was inserted with one put on YG entertainment restroom, saying that it believed maybe to you be well known what it was. “YG Energy LET’S Greet and people, how” in the revealed photoIt was contained in which the aspects of one women which is marked out this with the phrases Why did ” I which Hanser is white go to me day that place? Is the Neo Ne known? And be please worth. With the being one’s age, a little. Do the measure who is the artist. The uncle said you just. The netizen showed the reaction of “scold the dog which the dog asked the excrement asks the excrement” (shee****) “it is the Cheok which does the bothin groups dirty miscarry and is whyalone clean” (kk58****) “it is the unchanging bottle taste” (sixs****) “it wonders and is the something, whether” (juns****) “yae is the problem but the drugstore Yg doesn’t have the normality” (qlfg****) back. It joined the army as the military policeman at February last year but the smoking pot suspicion was revealed far later and the imprisonment 10 month probation was sentenced to the additional fee 12,000 won in 2 and the tower was previously deprived of the military policeman identity. The probation was sentenced to the probation 120 hour additional fee 870,000 won for the law breach allegation about the drug control which Hanser is white with the imprisonment in 3 in 4.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736912.htm, 2018/11/01 09:05:44]