‘it leaves when clapping’ Kiha Jang and faces the nice adieu (synthesis)


It is likely to be difficult to make 6 better familly. When chopping the best peak with the music of a band, it thinks that left one is right. The year 10 car band Kiha Jang getting the public love as the unchallenged music color and faces mark the period 5 album activities on the basis of finally. 5 album ‘mono’ commemoration of sale music hall was held in Seoul Yongdungpo-gu Wiwokkeu Yeouido p.m. 5 on 1st and Kiha Jang and faces gave of the various talk for the new album and the impression which gets to finish the band activity. The new album ‘mono’ was composed of the tunes which are written by the keyword called ‘alone’ like the title of the album. And the total of 9 tunes are collected including the title song ‘it is your thought’. As five albums of this was the last album, the sincerity of the members and qualitative was shown every one tune, one tune and it worked. And heart and soul on said be concentrated in order to give present of the best album to the fans. The peculiar mounting overflown and first of all, the honest sensibility was contained. Kiha Jang and faces don’t make any more the album this time the record against with the end. The sound without ‘ redundancy could be put in the album, the direction which ran ” band played the long-term to this in 10 years and pursued was. It was very satisfactory as this record was completed. The idea called ‘most’ installed, the album this time finished the luck. After that, when leaving the standard of ” performance and putting ‘ peak, it was likely to be the timing dispersing one is the best, it thought. It suggested if it was how to disjoint after members and after discussing the long time, the meaning was all gathered and the reason why it gets to disjoint was explained. In the meantime, because it breaks due to ” music when the pride reached the maximum value, it can be warm. If it was separated from the situation where the complaint against is build up, it could not be separated. Laughingly it was a pity and when being a pity, finished one regarded as the most beautiful finish, the fans added us. The title song ‘it is your thought’ of 5 album albums seems to admonish to Nam but is the tune which doesn’t pay attention to the other men so and which it includes the meaning that each pretends to be vigorous and it leaves on the gone road of me with the talk done to me in fact. ‘you in the circularity’ of Seotaeji and Boys was sampled and the fascination of the tune was made double in a portion of section 2. You ‘ in ‘ fantasy of Seotaeji and Boys was sampled in ” tune 2 note part played the long-term. There was no Seo Tae-ji and friendship at all. It asked to ask around and give Email and could sample. The demonstration was given, it is yellow and is the big win. All Deullyeojwot the sequel to the story it does the sampling is nicely triedIt is the content that on music video is good looked exorbitantly or there is all no other choice and it becomes if it leaves on the way of each own way. One called the manner of walking came into mind. The idea its own walk is likely to be interesting only that it was watching the walk of the men who become more than 100 people because of being all different got and it told. All tunes included in the new album were mixed with Mono who the stereo system used in the popular music is not. The album title is ‘mono’. Was the special reason? There was no occasion which set the subject, that is ” whole album played the long-term, and makes the tune. When the tune was accumulated with 9~10 amendment plan, the common-point was found out. It was the keyword called ‘alone’ this time. The word meaning the meaning called ‘alone’ thought if there was what and it was ‘mono’ to that time come into mind suddenly. The feeling which it felt when holding up the original Mono local preference of one album of beatles for the first time came into mind and the background was explained. After that, it was figuratively connected because the subject of ” album this time, as to the album title was alone ‘mono’. It liked only and added. He said come back from the desert trip alone in order to maximize the feel that it is the single. It wanted to go and accidentally it saw, the place where it is close to ” beginning doing the long-term that it wanted to try with the extreme in the environment, that is the single, was gone up to the desert. The desert sent the hour alone and the results of recording was sth in sth and come put but it returned to home country and recorded again, it sang alone around “***” desert, the song was much increased, it laughed and in conclusion, told. Kiha Jang and faces declaring the dismantling in the peak of the band activity How it is planned after 5 album activity. There nothing played the long-term is no set one. What will be paid by the solo. There is no that it is decided if how I have to live as the human from January 1st before worrying whether it will do the team formation and any kind of genre. Or not. It would like to start again completely in ‘nothing’. It was trying to start again in the branch which there is no nothing and one which it has to do opened heart. ‘ Kiha Jang in the meantime it visits Kiha Jang and faces from December 29th to December 31st Yonsei University 100th anniversary memorial hall which and face last performance [finish: There is no particular thing, the band life is finished with the camellia]’ in 10.
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