‘Langgun of on 100th’ dissimilar material PD “it comes and the Kyongsu Do · Geehyun Nam is appreciated”


The impression in which the dissimilar material PD left for ‘Langgun of on 100th’ and which the dissimilar material sends and which feels bittersweet was revealed. As to the cable channel TvN TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘Langgun of on 100th’ dissimilar material PD, why “thank you really” delivered the end impression from the telephone interview on the 31st of last month. The Langgun Nim ‘ of on 100th was given a favorable reception as the breathing between actors, interesting story, and etc. The favorable comment was connected by the result that it is the audience rating which the self best called 14.4% (the Nielsen Korea · whole country · charge platform furniture standard) and four numbers of TvN successive generations is high. There was the dissimilar material PD after this all outcomes. Why the dissimilar material PD repeatedly make “thank” “it is the real” in the interview continuously. In the day before ending party, the lingering imagery shared the joy with the actor and staffs was born as it is. The dissimilar material PD was frank. The thankful mind toward the audience was without adjustment expressed. – the end impression? It is really without reservation happy with the inspection. In this way, the rope to be come out well was done not know. Because the audience rating was the audience rating but it was the very pleasant field, the mind which is regret and regretful is great. The real thanks truly the large-scale love the giving viewers. I don’t have one particularly. The actors did well eagerly. The writer wrote the writing well. I play in the field to be humorous with the actors. Finish well safely and thank all. It is the sincerity. – the audience rating 10% was exceeded in 10 times. At that time, were you how? There was another in the misunderstanding the soul ‘ a little bit similar. At that time, every week 1% Ssik audience rating went up and it was at that timemore unreal impression. It is not if there is the part in which ‘Langgun of on 100th’ is the same as Donghwa. The audience rating was that impression. It is the reality. Am I having a dream? It wanted. It was the drama related to the acquaintances and the contact came and there was no words which necessarily I will offer and it was poor at ‘thank’ no more than word. Our drama was the expected piece to me. However, it is know to from the first time popular expected piece be not. When breaking through 10%, it was the idea that it is happy even if it ended up about this in fact. But it went up continuously (smile). – Because of yesterday, the ending party atmosphere wondered whether it was how, shooting 4 from the month, 7 months were since yesterday, the ending party atmosphere was together. Because of being the prior production, the shooting was ended and it didn’t see everyday but the banquet was once or more done. The latter half dubbing was dubbed and it saw continuously. The ending party atmosphere was so needless to say good yesterday. The atmosphere seems to be good so that it shoots, particularly it doesn’t may be different recently. – ‘Langgun of on 100th’ was made of the pre-production. If there are merits and demerits. Because of being the prior production, when shooting, it paid attention a little more and made. There was the idle time which supplemented the part which is not enough in the second half of the game and when it can broadcast the broadcasting. It is easy because of making. But it keeps in tune with the audience. There is the difficult disadvantage to reflect well and make the reaction of the audience. It will be difficult that the communication is difficult to do Gumi of the audience altogether contentedly. However, the pre-production is in to be regretful. – as to the field atmosphere, were you how? It laughed continuously in the field (smile). All seniors and juniors laughed continuously truly. The smile overflown on the field. There was much the content that it is well-versed in the contents of drama. Even when having a picture of the heavy scene and emotional scene, only when putting, it was immersed and besides, told and sent cheerfully. Seniors and juniors, as to the mind is all altogether nice. So, the drama seems to go well. It is stuffy in letting the section which how this I cannot show. It stutters if I lie. It is the real. And there is the field atmosphere which I pursue. I will don’t know if It will become all ones as much as I will want but there is the mind which would like to make the pursuing scene. So, it did eagerly this time, it followed well all and seemed to give and the atmosphere be made and ㅇ seems to look good together. – If there is the word which it would like to do to the star Kyongsu Do · Geehyun Nam. It is appreciated. I and drama is shared. It is needless, it does well. It goes well and thanks really. On man and woman breathing attention was written than the part about on 2 actors actings. Isn’t the acting the friends getting altogether the criticism which on acting is good with 2 actor? So, the idea about the Eoullikka was much well done if 2 actors were how. It shot separately in the beginning and the scene which 2 actors come out together for the first time was shot and the dad’s smile is done and the monitor is seen. When the staffs ask ‘what is like that good’. It answered ‘it is just good’ to don’t know I (smile). 2 actors will be seen, this drama will not go broke, it wanted. It comes to me and as in this drama, does and is really appreciated. It is really thankful to everyone who is together including not only 2 actors but also all actors, staff, writer, and etc. – Ask the audiences for the people. In this way, it didn’t know about the dream that it liked. Any kind of word on will be decided. Still, it will don’t know if It will become the expression of the thank. It will don’t know if how the honest mind will have to be expressed. Negative principle in nature The end, that it thanks really not, all Naon It thought if there was more for some time any end and there is no. It has only the word that it thanks truly. Since I will continue the drama in the future and the actors will continue the drama if at that time, it is truly much good and gives and gives it is likely to thank really. In this way, it will don’t know if how it will have to repay one but may not be remunerated to do eagerly when making the next drama. So, it will work eagerly. In order to will meet and good drama, it will do eagerly.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736880.htm, 2018/11/01 05:00:01]