One house ♥ this year float and marriage, in just 5 months, the begetting a daughter


The son this year float couple of the actor Hanchae child and the former national football team coach Cha Bum-kun held the daughter in arms, the agency Seuttik Mi entertainment of one stick of 1 day revealed as “chaea Han delivered the girl who on the 30th of last month in the morning is fine” “the condition where the woman delivered of a child and baby is altogether fine” with formal report data. After that, it added “the warm blessing wishes to be sent to the future of Chaea Han greeting the noble life and families”. The private wedding ceremony was celebrated in last May family, relatives steamed the Hanchae child and this year previously, and blessing of the > acquaintances and It became the couple. In the meantime, 2 people, on last May 6th afternoon, all Maeeot the marriage vow in Seoul of one hotel
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