The birthday display panel…’ revealing the Tteuwaiseu sysmaticness and one ·1♥ of the Once ‘


The idol daytime rank site ‘the click Star Wars’ which Deoppaekteu manages succeeded the birthday support of the group Tteuwaiseu sysmaticness and the display panel which is shown at Korea was opened, 1 ‘the click Star Wars’ revealed the birthday congratulations view image of the Tteuwaiseu sysmaticness show in the large screen located in the Tokyo in Japan. On the 5th of last month, ‘the click Star Wars’ opened the birthday support event of the sysmaticness and achieved 200%. Therefore, the large screen and Seoul 2 the line the subway 43 the alteration display panel (the partial exclusion) advertisement located in the Tokyo in Japan was settled. The ment of the fans participating in the birthday support of the sysmaticness and photo is listed at the revealed image. As to the nickname ‘our singer’, valuable our sysmaticness can congratulate the birthday. It loved, it told. As to the nickname ‘JYYOUJY’, jeongyeon, congratulate the 23rd birthday. It rooted that flowery path wished the Geot road always. The nickname ‘it has the edge’ is appreciated with ” Chungyeon Yoo in Ttaeeonajwo and love. The birthday was congratulated and the love was expressed. The sysmaticness the nickname ‘crush on yu’ is appreciated in the first day of November and Ttaeeonajwo As in now, it congratulated the Geot person “. Jeongyeon, the nickname ‘Wonseudawonseu’ comes in this world and is appreciated. The you, really, the angel All Kkeureot the attention it tells it loves muchMeantime, ‘the click Star Wars’ provides the idol ranking information and display panel service, and etc. as the play space of the idol fandom which Deoppaekteu manages. The display panel support can apply for any idol of fandoms.
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