The bulletproof Boy Scouts RM and featuring participation in the Reongkkeun Deu Leegeo Tta last album


The group bulletproof Boy Scouts RM takes part in the last album of the wrapper Reongkkeun Deu Leegeo Tta. As to the Reongkkeun Deu Leegeo Tta agency fill exorcism music people concerned, ” bulletproof Boy Scouts RM participated in 10 familly of the Reongkkeun Deu Leegeo Tta by the wrap featuring on 1st. The recording revealed as the condition ” where it finishes where it finishes all. RM kept the tiger JK and relation since participating in the tiger JK, Mirae Yoon, and ‘the circle everyone land’ featuring of the group MFBTY of the bean-curd dregs in 2015. The Reongkkeun Deu Leegeo Tta doesn’t make any more ten albums of this new album against with the end. The tiger JK is preparing the album which the percentage of completion to honor the last of the Reongkkeun Deu Leegeo Tta is high. Because of being the joint work of the global idol bulletproof Boy Scouts RM singing the joy of the popularity of the hip-hop godfather ‘ Reongkkeun Deu Leegeo Tta and best, the large-scale expectancy is gathered. In the meantime, 10 familly that last album comes is released on the coming 14th.
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