‘the fiance for standing’ fairy and agency unauthorized secession? …”The debt relationship was remained.


For the whole member fairy of the girl group I shear which it is known with the fiance of (46) for DJ DOC standing, the exclusive contract remained. However, claim that it broke away from the group without warning and violated the contract facts came out. One which the marriage news to get the congratulation becomes the object of controversy to the moment The sports Chosun reported that fairy broke away from the belonged group without warning in the afternoon on 1st. The child shear people concerned, as to “it was doing not know at all and the marriage news of the fairy is absurd” introduced the standpoint to this day sports Chosun according to the news. ” (of the fairy) exclusive contract is effective in the sports Chosun yet and the representative of agency is the situation where it goes away. It added that it was one ” which discussed with the corporation lawyer in company and which it deals because there was the debt relationship. According to the official contention, the exclusive contract of the fairy and child shear remains about in 3. Previously, this day morning and edaily star In reported to marry the girlfriend fairy of 19 years old youngers on December 1st Seoul Seocho-gu Deo Riverside Hotel which the standing Yong comes. The girlfriend of the standing Yong is the pregnancy 9 weeks round according to the sidewalk with the condition where it is pregnant. 2 people finished the relation through the adult channel VIKI variety program ‘the quite interesting show and uncle show season 2’ in 2016.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737025.htm, 2018/11/01 23:13:25]