The first starring movie which ‘the Yeo cry’ hand is better How was the smoke?


The change of mind of ” jade powder and expression and on the talking manner, and etc about were much worried. There was the part, that is the smoke, but in order to display the character of jade powder with the make-up and hanbok color well, it tried. In the movie ‘the Yeo cry’ (the supervision swimming line), it said in ‘the Yeo cry’ press conference which the Sonnaeun playing role of the first starrings opens in the Yongsan gu CGV Yongsan child Park mole on 1st in this way. He undertook jade powder role having the solar calendar which got to face the hidden secret of the family and expresses the desire gradually in the movie. It is the cubic cast which has to be the charisma the steps with being mysterious. However, it is seen to be difficult because the Sonnaeun of which the acting career is short played a role of this character. Because of being the genre which the quadrupole and announcement combines, the strong acting ability has to be guaranteed. The expression and speech ton is the same with the consistently when Sonnaeun was seized with the fear. It is awkward and the accent of the quadrupole peculiarity is the feel which there is no soul, just they act. Jade powder whom He ins charge of has to emit to be mysterious with the existence and it is unable to exhibit the large-scale sense of presence. Instead, support this with the acoustic and background and hanbok color. However, the effect assesses and even for that, the immersion of the movie is obstructed. Sonnaeun piled up the acting ability with the several dramas so far. In the several works, it was enveloped in ‘the acting ability dispute’ and the current work had a lot of the eye line of the concern. ‘the acting ability dispute’ can not be avoided in the current movie according to the concern. It was obvious but as to He, the drama had a great interest in the movie from ‘the Yeo cry’ press preview opening on 1st until ” now. While being like that, the work that it is ‘the Yeo cry’ was got to meet and said. After that, ” burden was big but that the mind would like to do well it was first. The director and seniors got help and took a picture eagerly and the first starring impression was revealed. In the meantime, it made a request “it asks to see. Prettily”, saying that it was “the experience which was the large-scale challenge and of which the courage was needed” this. ‘the Yeo cry’ is the mystery horror movie faced with the truth cool of which it cannot imagine the jade powder that gets to let the foot in one mansion in which the strange death which it doesn’t know the cause is continued fortuitously (the person who is the hand better) and Shin wife (the Seo YoungHee) Lee inside of a house keeping a secret. It opens on the coming eighth and is 15 years old watchables. The length in seconds 94 minutes
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