The Gathin many sides in the swimming pool without the exit? ’12 feet’ Maine trailer opening to the public


Draw the underwater alive personal strife in which the thrill is full of the movie ’12 feet’. 12 feet ‘ (the supervision Maet esker leg · distribution Co. Like contents) Maine trailer was inserted in Naver TV on 1st. ’12 feet’ shows the aspects of 2 sisters flailing by the swimming water which it pours in. The preview starts with the Brie (the eye which places and is me) and the aspects of the zona (alreksandeura garden) enjoying the swimming in the water. The swimming pool cover is rapidly closed and the cover is tapped and 2 sisters request the structure along with the metabolism called within “it closes”. However, everyone makes so that he leaves already and the swimming pool without the answer is seen and the development of the movie can, cannot be predicted. 2 sisters confined in the swimming pool closed along with the phrases without 50 meters of breadth, the depth of water 3.7 meter, and exit attempt the escape desperately. However, the situation of the utmost limit which it gets to be faced with the crisis of the life spreads in the water temperature which becomes low as the dark darkness. 12 feet ‘ is the cancelled appointment underwater thriller drawing the survival personal strife set up the life which propels so that 2 sisters confined in the swimming pool without anyone can survive. Meantime, ’12 feet’ opens come November 8th. The length in seconds is 85 minutes.
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