“the hanaro the fan and star”…’The brand border with the click Star Wars ‘→’ Ppaenaen star ‘


The idol ranking site industry leader ‘the click Star Wars’ changed the brand name to ‘the Ppaenaen star (FANN STAR)’ which the star and fans breathe together freshly and it moved forward for the take-off. ‘the click Star Wars’ which proceeded with the idol daytime vote and which it has been doing till the display panel service changed the brand name to ‘ Ppaenaen star ‘ in order to strengthen the communication of ” global fans and star on 1st and prepare the chapter of the association. It revealed to be one ” to gets to uncase the contents various as well as which it prepares freshly the service up to date more positively to the worldwide K-POP fans. Accordingly, the Twitter as well as the existing the click Star Wars site and app, facebook, and social network like the instar gram, from 1st, ‘Click The Starwars ‘instead of’ FANN STAR ‘while being refreshingly changed, ㅇ gave notice of the highly motivated new start.’The global fans expanded to the whole world and meaning that it will be together with being the star with one was included with the meaning called the Ppaenaen star ‘the Engilsh, as it is’ fan and star ‘. As much as it changes into the clothes which changes the brand name which it used for a long time and fits for the new environment, especially the will for the hop of the second is high. ‘the Ppaenaen star’ dressed up refreshingly walked the unique path to the global ranking site. After being established as the idol daytime site, it went into China in 2017 and as to ‘the click music star’, that is the telegraph of ‘the click Star Wars’, Japan raised the name for the global service last May 2011 in 2014. Especially, ‘the click Star Wars’ got the large-scale response in that it hid the best k pop singer with Korea and China and vote of the Japanese fan. Here, it is having the open ahead with the endless request till the English version and the Korean wave fan of the whole world get to be met by the most language service on the idol vote site. In addition, one off line song awards ceremony is planning to be held based on the online ranking and it is likely to be the difference the steps with the other site. There is that decision forms ” next year song awards ceremony and the Deoppaekteu new media part Kyonghoh Min manager hits against the interest of the fandom which there are the lot of home and abroad. The English version open is and prepared with the hot request of the foreign fans. The brand was changed to ‘the Ppaenaen star’ and the various idol contents would be shown, it expected and was confident of the successful change. Meantime, ‘the Ppaenaen star’ is presiding over the sign CD gift event and hash tag event through the formal twitter. The ignorance individual case can be obtained and by rainbow can use the hash tag event for the display panel support, and etc.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736728.htm, 2018/11/01 00:00:03]