The Jungwon Choi X Nahye U.S. ‘one restaurant’ and character poster opening to the public


Notify Sohwak Haeng (the hapiness which is insignificant but sure) that movie ‘one restaurant’ settles down in advance. The actor Nahye U.S. agency bloom entertainment opened ‘one restaurant’ (the supervision Choenakhui · manufacture Eikkei entertainment Co) character poster to formal report data on 1st. The poster inside one (jungwon Choi) cooks alone and smiles the blue tree at the kitchen which is quiet and comfortable at the background. 2 people are better than ‘ one man. The phrases suggests the hiding talk to one this morning comes again to me. Moreover, the Sehui (the Nahye differentiation) introduced as the phrases packs lunch in one restaurant and is laughing. After being in one restaurant, his life was changed, Sehui speaking as ‘it has to make a living after when this comes with what but this consideration doesn’t get completely’ knows. Warm one restaurant owner and 20 shot working student Sehui meets in Okinawa’s place one special restaurant and one restaurant ‘ is insignificant but is the talk in which it satisfies the sure hapinesses. Meantime, ‘one restaurant’ opens come November 22nd and the length in seconds is 95 minutes. The seeing class has the age of 12.
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