The marine boy Park Taehwan and jungle alive spiral everyone…’The law ‘ joining of the jungle


The swimming player Park Taehwan appears on SBS ‘the law of the jungle’. He told that like this, SBS ‘the law In Northern MarianaIs of the jungle’ production crew revealed in formal report data on 1st and He appeared surprisingly in the set. As to the athlete Park Taehwan, the same day departed secretly for the field after the advance party left a country at last 31st. After that, it did to be everyone who revealed shape in the place and didn’t know his appearance on the stage fact at all surprised in the shooting day. As soon as ‘the law of the jungle’ production crew starts into “the appearances new of the athlete Park Taehwan who were unable to see in where so far including the human Park Taehwan, the swimming player Park Taehwan is not and etc. wish to be expected” ” alive, he doesn’t sparing already and is starting. It told to be one ” to go the various scenes jumping over the expectancy of the audiences as much as it shared with the athlete Park Taehwan who is the general trend among the general trend to the next child. After that, it was moved by the video mail which the qualitative of the steady love call of Kim Jin Ho PD and production crew are young and only a few days had the start shooting ahead and after agonizing, the appearance was determined, however the production crew added “because the athlete Park Taehwan joining surprisingly in the set like the customer has been don’t know was not broadcaster, the article talents appearance on the stage about was hesitated”. Meantime, ‘the law In Northern MarianaIs of the jungle’ chapter, as to December is broadcasted.
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