‘the perfect others’, this year, the comedy opening 1… the attractive feature three


The box office 1 Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network the movie ‘the perfect others’ (the supervision suffering Gyu manufacture film monster) ranking about 274,100 the day before audience and about 321,200 the accumulated audience the fascination of the Jojinung starring comedy movie ‘the perfect others’ making the harmfulness recording the first place of movie premiere box office attracts attentionIt revealed that it rose to the upper part. This is high than 214,000 makes the harmfulness, that is the successive generations 10 month opening movie performance 1 forgery, people starring ‘lucky’ opening score. Solder heartburnings comedy movie ‘my world (126,700 people opening)’ is investigated secretly this year: It is figure higher than the returns ‘ (235,100 people opening). The perfect others ‘ was meeting the audience from the day before and Chunga Yum Geesu Kim eulogy Ha gloss Kyonghoh Yoon, and etc. made the Jojinung ether which it makes the actor harmfulness came forward by the star and it performed the hot rolling. ◆ the meterial cellphone caused the cellphone · long friend… sense for the real · sympathy is the tool which takes off to the modern people, and which it cannot take off. The personal many information including the memo, shopping history, Navigation breakdown of use, constant, mail, and etc. was contained from the call and text message detail, that is the fundamental function. All greens the talk which the perfect others ‘ gets wider by the game opening the detail including about is sharing the memory since childhood it comes on during the limited time from the couple meeting of the friends to the cellphone it loses in 40 call, text message, messenger, and etc. compulsorilyThe meterial including the long friend, cellphone, and etc. is realistic. The dialogue which comes and goes to this Wi, is joky and is comfortable feels to be familiar. The delicate mood and it where situation happens in the human relation can arouse the sympathy of the audience individuals. ◆ really the mental state of Hoyeon man of the actors including the harmful jeans · Jojinung · Chunga Yum · Kyonghoh Yoon, and etc. is strange. The relationship, formed with the peripheral people because of this, it is complicated as much as it is difficult that oneself checks one by one and the happened and trivial mood and state of mind are minute. Chunga Yum Geesu Kim eulogy Ha gloss Kyonghoh Yoon whom it makes the Jojinung ether which it makes ‘the perfect others’ star harmfulness expressed sufficiently the human begining from the situation where it occurs by the game with the cellphone detail width delicate mental state in the remarkable acting ability. Relieved one confused one surprised one doubted one is not ordinary. Draw incredibly the get excited situation with the eyes and facial expression acting loading the enormous energy in the speech. ◆ the smile Kkodeugeu exploding constantly is ‘the smile bombing plane’. It can express as ‘the interesting chapter’ till the backgrounder of each character which it starts as if the opening part about 20 minute will be indifferent. The smile bomb begins to explode slowly while the housewarming of the lagoon (jojinung)-the preliminary medical examination (the Geesu Kim) couple starts. The situation is funny. The sympathy is caused and it is funnier. The characters’ facial expressions and reaction are interesting and the smile comes out continuously. Because not only inside of cinema audience I but also other audiences is burst out laughing, the laughter cannot be stood.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736923.htm, 2018/11/01 11:16:48]