The Ppabningbing and luxury goods disposition · rumor about retirement · rumor about marriage.”It is suspicious.


It is and the dispute. It is the luxury goods disposition and rumor about retirement · rumor about marriage reason this time. It is the Ppabning glazing story which It is becoming the one’s every move topic. On 31st, in the Portal site and on-line community, the netizen showed the various reactoins to the Ppabning glazing dispute. It is the comment related to Hyegyo Song making a boast of the Ppabning ice friendship usually to be noticeable to the eyes among these. Some netizens call the tax evasion of Hyegyo Song into question in the past and is hanging the comment related to this to the Ppabning glazing news. One netizen (medg****) seen like the fan of Hyegyo Song can not behave ” Hyegyo Song imprudently. The id hung the Hyegyo Song tax evasion relation criticism comment was being all shared, it wrote. Another netizen is ” this top and bottom. Song is knocking and the reaction of ” (rlar****) “it will have the intention clearly to been attracting Hyegyo Song to be amazed every the Ppabningbing article” (Justice****) back is being shown every the same id article. And some netizens suggested on the Ppabning glazing life or death question. “it is alive, do you do?”(tsch****) “it was most likely to die if it reasoned reasonably. It was Xi Jinping right arm and that relationship. The fetters will be on one’s future many times if it doesn’t remove in the opportunity for this.”(lyco****) it is not to be suspicious. One Aninya which dies already when it is seen the dress or this filtering entertainer is trying to punish the class inexpensively and it is trying to dispose all of the Ppabningbing property now Only the confinement(bjh3****) in “the real thing is shown to the official meeting, and it believes” (07ji****) etc. official meeting, the voice that it has to check his looks was made. Ppabningbing uploaded the writing selling the clothes and I wore sneakers, makeup, and etc. which into on-line secondhand goods sale site sketchpad spirit (flowerpot) at last 25th. Ppabningbing decided to throw unnecessary one away in its own SNS. The partial clothes which was had of was disposed and the transactions of used article reason was revealed in order to free from the obsession. What is most expensive is the dress of one luxury brand among the dress which Ppabningbing offers. The actual cost was 32,000 yuan (the Korean won about 5.2 million won)s but Ppabningbing measured the cost with 6,300 yuan (about 1.03 million wons)s. The thing was put out to 1 level of 5 minutes of the cost but “the money falls and the things is sold” “the price is so expensive” showed the reaction of the back and Chinese some netizens criticized Ppabningbing. The Hong kong safety life line reported to celebrate the Ri stuff in which Ppabningbing is the fiancee and next year on February 2nd wedding ceremony on 30th and retire from the entertainment world. According to this medium, the close staff of 2 people left for the retirement and entertainment world after Ppabningbing got married with the Ri cloth. The Ppabning ice Ri blessing of Heaven was donated to the movie ‘the things Yae pleasant surprise’ in 2014 and the friendship was accumulated and it developed to the sweetheart in 2014. As 2 people engaging and in September 2017 was being about to be married, the special interest leans to the rumor about marriage. 6 months Ppabningbing filled out the dual contract document with the appearance in a movie at that time and the show-host transition cotton flannel comfort of CCTV was previously disclosed to correspond to 60 million yuan (about 9.7 billion wons)s if 2 contracts were added. The Ppabningbing hiding after attitude was seized by all sorts of rumors including the confinement rumor, overseas rumor about defection, confinement rumor, and etc. Ppabningbing was sentenced to the fine and additional fee reaching 144.4 billion won about 883.846 million yuans and Korean won at last third China taxation authority, that is 4 month 10,000, whether ‘suspicion on tax evasion’ happened. As to Ppabningbing, ” recent I sent SNS the time when it frets with the pain. Reflect on the error. The example was unable to be till the authorization and it was sorry, the apology statement was published and the penalty was paid.
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