The reaction of the exo (EXO) members seeing ‘Langgun of on 100th’ Kyongsu Do?


The exo city ignorant people and hundred string, as to the member Dio told the honest feel about the drama ‘Langgun of on 100th’ set out as the hero. The Boy group exo (the Dio Ka 3 Korean translation of Chinese character it will hold the protection bag string chen writing which EXO poetical friend proposes) proceeded with the regularity 5 album ‘DON’ T MESSUP MY TEMPO ‘ (the Donteu messed up MI tempo) showcase in the Coex Artium in the afternoon on 1st. All Kkeureot the attention the member Dio reveals among others the impression finished the TvN drama ‘Langgun of on 100th’ shootingDio was said “it ended and it expresses in the word the good result comes out countlessly so and it is thanking”. After that, since the acting and song is always gone side by side if ” I doesn’t install that it is difficult it is the lie. Neverthless, the best was being run out and it is doing eagerly, it was the mind which is happy because the result was fortunately good with “***” and added. The praise about the Langgun Nim ‘also the members that it made the original broadcast resolution’ actor Kyongsu Do ‘ of on 100th was not saved against. The city ignorant people are one among the member who ” I sees the Langgun Nim ‘ of 100 days very eagerly. It holds in my standard in the South Korean five fingers to learn, Dio made the compliment in which the affection is to the brim contained. The hundred string thought of ” drama that during Dio was very cute. In the acting beginning, ary brass bowl was more done and it was very cute, it seemed to be loved and Dio didn’t hide the affection toward the member Dio due to “***” that loveable looks as the actor. Meantime, it appears on every kind of music program beginning with KBS 2TV ‘music Bank’ on November 2nd and the exo decorates the comeback performance. Hold EXO COMEBACK SHOWCASE ‘TEMPO’ (tempo) in Incheon Paradise CT plaza and same day at 8 p.m. This day field is planning to be transmitted live over the whole world in SMTOWN channel of V LIVE and EXO channel.
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