The rookie band mini tri, on November 2nd, the first EP ‘the circle bi won’ issue


‘person of real ability’ 4 group rookie band mini tri meets the music fan by the first extended play album. As to the mini tri, the first extended play album ‘the circle bi won (One by One)’ is put on sale on the coming second. The mini tri debutting as the first single ‘the board is good’ in last May was formed last year and the drum provisional government civilians, base Simjaehyeok, and other Kim surname slept. It was composed of 4 people including the vocalist Geeeon Kim, and etc. It is the band which the member has the ability including writing and composing songs arrangement, and etc. altogether without exception. The album this time is composed of ‘the Bonnet I’ ‘the board is good but it sees’ ‘pat’ etc. 5 track including the title song ‘it laughs and answers’. The various theme including one sided love which 20 experiences generally, it is unable to show apparently usually loneliness, fear for the future, which and etc. was included into the tune sincerely. Your member, as to one at a time contained his own composition including each colour. The title song ‘it laughs and answers’ are the content that the man they are timid and without the openness loves in vain whether he is someone with the typical the indie pop of the acoustic base or not. The housekeeping causing the sympathy and vocalist stands out. Maseu Ri foundation ring was ringed and ‘the board is good but it sees’ announced in last May was recorded as the album this time serve title song. The distraction, all strings the attention the back comes forward by the vocalist directing keyboardist Jo Hyeon seat back participating in the album of the various artist including the especially it will suck the mixing engineer Hyunchung Ko, Yeongwoo Nam, and ball in the album this time between adolescence, which and etc. as the musical performance took part
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