The set list examined with the exo and comeback D-1… supernatural powers


“five albums of regularity likened to the supernatural powers and worked.”The new man the exo (the Dio Ka 3 the Korean translation of Chinese character ray it will hold the protection bag string chen writing which EXO poetical friend proposes) coming from the unknown world comes back as the regularity 5 album ‘DON’ T MESSUP MY TEMPO ‘ (the Donteu messed up MI tempo). It is the first group which makes debut the independent world view. So, the album this time made the supernatural powers (?) of the member each one into the concept specially. The album for the exo (fan club) is completely like. The exo (EXO) held the regularity ‘DON’ T MESSUP MY TEMPO’ comeback commemoration press conference in the Seoul Gangnam-ku Coex Artium on 1st. All Geonnet the first people who 8 members who this day is situated are the bit awkward whether the comeback of in a long time was tenseThe leader protection takes a bow as the name called ” group exo after long interval and is very happy. There was the part which was the activity which it is together in 1 in just 2 months and was happy and expected and it was the tense members the extensive reading. Whenever the city ignorant people builds the new album, it is excited and it seems to be always excited and this seat seems to be more nervous. It will ask well and added. It is the part that it decided the concept of the album with ‘supernatural powers’ to attract attention in the press conference progressing with the title song, the recording song introduction and Q&a order most. One that it was inspired in the water, fire, wind, power, and etc. which the members have and filled one by one the tunes included in the album The exo is the team getting the motive from the exo planet (exoplanet) intending the solar system Oehaengseong. The story which takes the power back and which the aliens which there gets to be in the earth defeat the occasion with losing the memory the supernatural powers due to the meaning called ‘the new star coming from the unknown world’ generally is dealt. The leader protection of the exo recorded ” album organization with the Korean Chinese. It was very interesting in being the work exposing the supernatural powers of the members the view of the world with the motive with one with the debut publicly in 7 years and it devoted strength and told. Elated by taking 11 tunes contained on the album, 10 tunes were listened and the regularity 5 album set list which the exo members introduce directly was examined. # it is the tune of the hip-hop dance genre in which the baseline and which it is energetic 1 title song ‘Tempo’ (tempo) the rhythmical drum and a fresh cappella of the exo are well in harmony. All Damat the admonition that it compares love she to the melody and doesn’t obstruct her and tempo All shots the bike the members express the attitude the manly beauty overflowing at ‘Tempo’ music video However, the leader protection told “when the member most doesn’t have the motorcycle driver’s license” and it evoked laughter. # it is the supernatural powers of 2 ‘Sign’ (sin) the member chen and fire one song with the motive. The base and strong electro pop genre of which it blows, the bar stick groove is impressive It likened to the fire and the doubt which becomes bigger due to the lie of the woman love in the housekeeping more and more and mind which cannot hold was expressed. # it is the teleportation ability of the Ka one tune with the motive at the moment when 3 arrive (Ooh La La). The exo challenged the Latin pop genre as the recording song ‘at the moment when arriving’ for the first time. ” refrain which is the car who is the hero of the song is very charming. Maybe because of doing my ability with the motive, the attachment went more and it told. # the member chan heat participated in the writing the lyrics as the song reminding of 4 ‘Gravity’ (gravity) part secrets capability and power directly. The chan heat expressed “it wrote and how the part secrets capability was melted in the tune, and the charming diary about was very worried” the unlike other people fellowship. # the freezing ability of 5 ’24/7′ city ignorant people was done with the motive. One which the song title ’24/7′ expresses 24 hours and week The city ignorant people are the song of the feel which is cold like the supernatural powers that it is ” freezing. The talk meditated on the memory which it gave the cold word to the love partner all week 24 hour continuously was explained all Damat “. # the youngest of 6 ‘aftermath’ exo and wind ability of 3 Korean translation of Chinese character was done with the concept. 3 Korean translation of Chinese character felt confident “all Damat the sad housework which after breaking with the sweetheart and it is unable to sleep meditates on the last memory” “in the case of ‘ aftermath ‘, the various melodies are much contained and it is very charming”. # the ability of 7 ‘Damage’ (damage) chen and lightning was done with the meterial. The cynical promise that it will return back at the moment when doing the pain which is the same as the nightmare as the hurt getting a cut by the lie of the love man like the lightning was expressed. # it is the tune of the member ray having the supernatural powers of 8 ‘one that there is this’ (Smile Onmy Face) healing. It didn’t attend this day press conference and the ray could not listen the tune introduction separately. The tune in which the melody which is soft it is sensitive is charming # the ability of 9 ‘oasis’ (Oasis) leader protection and water was done with the motive. The base where there are the piano and played as the staccato string and heavy and harmony is the harmonious tune. # it is the tune related to the capability of 10 ‘sometimes’ (With you) the hundred string and light. ‘sometimes’, moreover, the exo member chan heat was in charge of the writing the lyrics. The chan heat “it is the tune of which the housekeeping that I shine more due to the love man is sweet” added. Besides, the Chinese version of the title song ‘Tempo’ was collected in five albums of regularity. It was composed of the total of 11 tunes till nine melt the member each supernatural powers up including the exo regularity 5 album ‘DON’ T MESSUP MY TEMPO ‘the title song it is opened as all sorts of music sites on the coming second at 6 p.m’ Tempo ‘ (tempo) the Korean and Chinese version with the motive in the housekeeping tunes of recording song. The album this time advance order quantity exceeds the chapter 1.1 million and the regular album 5 Jang series 1 million Jang achievement is recorded and the exo is foretelling ‘the Kkwon tuple’ (quintuple) Million Seller. Because the domestic album accumulation disc sales volume 10 million Jang achievement is close at hand, it is five add the meaning albums of regularity. It appears on every kind of music program beginning with KBS 2TV ‘music Bank’ on November 2nd and the exo decorates the comeback performance. Hold EXO COMEBACK SHOWCASE ‘TEMPO’ (tempo) in Incheon Paradise CT plaza and same day at 8 p.m. This day field is planning to be transmitted live over the whole world in SMTOWN channel of V LIVE and EXO channel.
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