‘the uncle show’ MC native? …’The standing Yong and marriage ‘in the integrated circuit Eo fairy’ interest ‘


The interest about the group child shear from fairy (26) having (45) for group DJ DOC member standing and marriage ahead leans. Ollin was sweet and the agency super jam record of the standing Yong revealed the fairy and wedding ceremony which on December 1st Seoul Seocho-gu certain hotel which the standing Yong comes, cultivates acquaintance for 2 years on 1st. The fairy debutting as the child shear 1 album ‘the time night (Time Bomb)’ withdrew from the next year team last May 2016. The standing Yong and fairy met in the adult entertainment airwave VIKI TV ‘the quite interesting show and uncle show season 2’ last November 2016 for the first time. It attracted attention with unlike other people ‘X rated’ skill at talking and the fairy joined in the next year early ‘the uncle show’ MC. The fairy was engaged in the other type of occupation in which the entertainment world is not as the freelancer. Presently, in the standing Yong and fairy, 6 months parents in this coming 2019.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1736966.htm, 2018/11/01 14:12:40]