Appear in ‘the right wing dispute Ing’ eyes circle and broadcasting appearance ban application.


The Idol group eyes circle is clamorous for the right wing dispute every day. On the 28th of last month, one netizen wrote on Blue House national petition bulletin board. The eagle was over 27,000 standard participation number p.m. 5 on 1st. The writing explains the application outline as ‘AKB48 is the group which is active in the Japanese right wing activity. The member where there is the electricity participating in the right wing-related concert, and etc. is among the member who gets to debut as the eyes circle this time’, saying that it is ‘the produce 48 is the broadcasting in which the AKB48 of the produce 101 of the and Japan is made of the collaboration’. Here, the member is the eyes circle Miyawaki Sakku, Honda Motor Co. Hitto U.S., and Yae sub key Naco. These suffer the costume which the rising sun runs in one concert due to the AKB48 member last March 2016 and Kimigayo is sung in unison. The right wing dispute which the eyes circle meets, as to this is not first time. Previously, in 2013, the Mnet ‘the produce 48’ co-producer Arkie motto Seusea Ya showed the tendency of the right wing. He posted the text called ‘the shipbuilding worker who thanks to this, the population and life suffered by Japan increases to two times gets and it cannot think that it is similar to Jew suffering the race purification’ ‘the classfication of that type makes the misunderstanding and differentiation’ on the Twitter account presumed as the secret Twitter account. The member Kang Hyewon recommended the right wing cartoon recently and was embroiled in controversy. The eyes circle had the self-introduction the time in JTBC variety program ‘the idol room’ broadcasted on the 30th of last month. This day Kang Hyewon likes ” me the Annie (the abbreviation of the animation) among the self-introduction. Because of coming out of three G of ‘the giant of the attack’, connived a lot, it told. It is famous for the work of the eddy bulb Hajime author who ‘the giant of the attack’ tendency of the right wing is dense. Meantime, isn’t the eyes circle new musical composition ‘ in a state of lull? (好きになっちゃうだろう?) (IZ*ONE ver) the broadcasting rejected as unqualified was gotten in the broadcasting corporation KBS and SBS recently by the reason that the Japanese style team was dense.
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