‘Eondeonaintin’ and trailer opening to the public.’The Ip favor preparation completion ‘ in 57 people of preliminary stone


‘Eondeonaintin’ finished the audiences the preparation everyday. MBC ‘Eondeonaintin’ published the main trailer in MBC official site in the afternoon on 1st. The image starts with the sentence called ‘who is the preliminary upset the world stone of 57 to people and your idol?’. Thereafter, the field of vocal and aspects of the rap field participants is continued. All Kkeureot the attention ‘Eonteonaintin’ reveals the unique non-freezing poster of 57 people participants through the formal SNS and naver V app previously on the 25th of last monthIn the main trailer, MC Kim Sohyun and vocal director is narrow. The rap director dynamic duo can be met. It is startled all of a sudden at the stage of the participants or these wait and see them racily. The first broadcasted ‘Eondeonaintin’s are the audition program which combines the part champion including the vocal and rap, performance, and etc. and gives birth to the next generation global idol with the wide formation on the coming third at 6:20 p.m. In the first broadcastings, start the first vote determining the first dropout through the official site, 11 street, s and etc.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737045.htm, 2018/11/02 10:24:05]