Gangho Song and blue dragon hand printing absence The agency “the old days instep flotation gets infected”


The actor Gangho Song is absent from the 39 time Blue Dragon Awards handprinting event due to the instep flotation. The agency Hoduaen existence entertainment doesn’t get hurt ” (gangho Song) on 2nd recently. It revealed as a little hard condition ” that it moved while it got infected to get hurt previously. After that, the people concerned is not large-scale injury. It was being careful for fear that the impediment went more and it added in any chances. The Blue Dragon Awards conveyed this day morning “gangho Song actor who is the presence schedule was wounded on the instep recently and unavoidably the participation at an event got to be difficult for the treatment” the news about injury. However, the result that it confirms for the management company was confirmed as one which the injury in which it is big is not. Gangho Song is having the movie ‘drug king’ premiere a period ahead. He who it buys the drug king Yi-du putting together the time and money and power among the pole, undertakes the role is the screen return after ‘taxi driver’ in 1 in just 4 months.
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