Hyegyo Song X Park Bo-gum ‘boyfriend’ and teaser poster opening to the public.’The anticipation first of the ten celestial stems two shot ‘


Come back to the romance drama in which the actor Hyegyo Song and Park Bo-gum is ardent and which is sweet. The TvN ‘boyfriend’ public relation agency Deo tik-tock opened the teaser poster to formal report data on 2nd. The teaser poster is putting the appearance from behind of 2 people having a seat with the sentence called ‘the woman Hyegyo Song’ ‘the man Park Bo-gum’ and ‘2018.11.28’. The photo center Hyegyo Song is leaning on Park Bo-gum do the shoulder pillow. These are looking at the panorama who sits on the stone wall in which the sea gets off and which is seen and whom the setting sun lets down. As to ‘boyfriend’ producer, november 28th which the talk of 2 people which is kind as one “***” teaser poster throbbing the heart of the viewers and in which Hyegyo Song begining with the accidental meeting unfamiliar at the place and romance of Park Bo-gum are excited comes is planning to start. The expectancy which is abundant in ‘boyfriend’ was asked and it told. The boyfriend ‘ is the excited romance drama begining with the accidental meeting of the looking on string (hyegyo Song) and which is unable to know the life which I select never once the flesh soul Gimjinhyeok (park Bo-gum) which is free and clear. Meantime, come November 28th the TvN ‘boyfriend’ is planning to be broadcasted.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737110.htm, 2018/11/02 16:59:06]