‘indignity’.” it is lower than ‘the Hae two 4’ end piece audience ratingIt is commonplace, break away.


The KBS2 variety program ‘the Happy Together 4’ recorded the disgraceful audience rating. It is lower than the channel A ‘the fisherman in the urban area’ TV shipbuilding ‘the taste of the love’ audience rating, that is the end piece variety program. As to the partial televiewers, “it is not to break away from the commonplace program and make new one” are building the voice. As to ‘the Happy Together 4’ 4 times broadcasted according to the TV rating research firm Nilseu nose rear on 2nd on 1st 1 part, 2.7%, 2 parts recorded 2.8%. About half fell more than 4.8% which the third broadcast installment records last week. As to ‘the fisherman in the urban area’ which in the same time is broadcasted, did you record 4.1%, ‘the taste of the love’ recorded 2.8%? ‘happy Together’ had the redecoration with the season 4 from last on October 11th. Jaesuck Yoo, Jeon Hyeonmoo, and tax MC Park Myung-soo leading the program gone in 11 gets off, who is the existing MC. Ho all Namat The season 4 got out of the studio from the program first time in history and hosted the outdoor photographing and attempted the new organization. However, the audience rating lower than the season 3 was recorded. Necessarily the reaction of the audiences is not good. In ‘the Happy Together 4’ viewer’s bulletin board, changing ‘the talk makes the program which is now about the same and is new’ ‘the production crew who is commonplace and decides on the old in comparison with the cast and guest’ ‘ writers. BTS is Nawabwa. Is the audience rating gone up? ‘the season 4 is disappointing’ ‘the edit music talk way world is fetid and it cannot see’ ‘what is it that season is changed and it is changed?’ The viewers who there is a lot of ‘it is the men really boring with the Happy Together team’ etc. are offering the reaction which on the new season is faithless. It is unable to break away from the mostly commonplace talk variety program. It is the opinion which is principal that there is no to be fresh. ‘happy Together’ put the differentiation with ‘the tray karaoke parlor’ ‘the Friends-friend search’ ‘the sauna talk’ ‘the night booth’ back dozen torque program so far and was loved for a long time. However, hises new cities and provinces stopped there. It is unable to break away from the eye line that it is commonplace and the old installs and the audience rating depression is undergone. “the viewers have not to be targeted in the program with the idea which the unconditional Geobo group that it captivates is fresh simple be issued. In fashion” is making the voice at some people.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737037.htm, 2018/11/02 09:23:27]