“the coming soon stuff bay.man” Gangho Song · my humble mind mistake and 12 month screen war


The actor Gangho Song and my humble mind mistake captivating the audience spreads the stuff 12 month screen war. It is the meeting with the directors leaving unexpectedly the strong impression as the previous work and the expectancy of the audience is higher. ‘- phosphorus along with the god and kite’ are excepted this year. As there was no movie to says be like that in terms of box office, the interest is concentrated if the movie which 2 actors will carry is how. ◆ ‘drug king’ Gangho Song and ‘insides’ Minhoh Woo supervision and meeting Gangho Song return to ‘drug king’ after ‘taxi driver’ in 2017 in 1 in just 4 months. All Damat the story which It ‘drug king’ (the supervision ignorant people Ho) the smuggler without in 1970’s basis in which It became the patriotism becomes the drug king of the legend if it exports the narcotic The Yi-du dominating the times was incurred with the actual narcotic, Gangho Song undertook the role. The Yi-du putting together the time and money and power buys him in the previously revealed still cut, the station and high synchronous rate of is made a boast. Gangho Song explained “one time when we came was trying to be illuminated through the movie character Yi-du hemp integrating the men passing through 70’s”. It is the new work of Minhoh Woo director informing these which are abundant by the drug king ‘previously’ inside ‘ of the name. The current work notifies meeting with the audience in advance with the powerful meterial and direction as ‘insides’. The interest is concentrated if It becomes ‘the hit movie which the blue color will blow’ in which it has the back of ‘insides’ ‘drug king’, that is the teenager seeing not right. ◆My humble mind mistake and ‘deo terror live’ Byeongwoo Kim supervision and ‘PMC: More, the bunker ‘the getting back together my humble mind mistake’ Deo terror live ‘with Byeongwoo Kim director keeping time’ PMC: It met again more by the bunker ‘. This film is the real time combat action performed with the doctor king’s words (the Lee Sun dividing equally) which the captain A HEp (my humble mind mistake) of the global military affairs company (PMC) asks to a large sum of project by CIA and is invested in DMZ underground 30m secret bunker and holds the key of the strategy. The Ching 한 everyone this global soldier business the war the meterial PMC animated for the first time in the country the national administration is the business with the abbreviation of the Private Military Company (the private mil company) without the honor The meeting of supervisior Gim and my humble mind mistake bringing the meterial the tension overflowing once is and sufficient after ‘deo terror live’ to expect. Among these, all Moeun the new attempt of Kim director the interest It makes so that the action sequence of 1 time of the inching is presented and the audience can feel the different experience which it seems to be together in the real spot. Here, the acting ability strong of Lee Sun germs showing off the smoke of my humble mind mistake having a command of the English speech with the percentage of completion highly and intelligent fascination becomes more and more and the expectancy of the audience is raised. My humble mind mistake gathering 10 million audiences with ‘- causality kite along with the god’ and once this year ‘PMC: The interest is collected if it can be once and more loved for the bunker ‘.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737072.htm, 2018/11/02 13:42:23]