The damage caused hail U.S. husband Hwang Min and admission of crime in the first trials


Actor damage caused hail U.S. husband Hwang Min Ssi causing 5 casualties due to the drunk driving admitted its own charge in the first trials, the first trials of the musical direction Ga Hwang Min Ssi which the arrest is charged with the traffic accident processing exemption law violation (appreciation) charge by 2 days Uijeongbu District Court were held. Hwang revealing shape in the court told “the facial anesthesia symptoms will come as the life in prison stress and the speech will be difficult but it will be judged today”. This day prosecution introduced the black box image which the accident scene is contained at that time. The scene which it escaped to the sideway while avoiding the lane change of the bus which the car of Hwang drove previously on the revealed image with the overspeed and overtaking and it accident happens was completely contained. As to hwang, on evidence submitted with the accreditation agreed to the arraignment fact that prosecution proposes. It asked “because of try in order to agree with the victims, the next trial date of is played a role” and the counsel of Hwang was this court the Bat son. The next trial is held on the coming 28th at 10 o’clock a.m. In the meantime, it is drunken to 15 minutes from the Guri city North Riverside Urban Highway Namyangju direction fourth enlargement port nearby and the Chrysler five Ji challenger SRT Hel cat sports car is driven and the charge crashing 25t truck stop at the sideway against is hit on last August 27th at 11 p.m.
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