The end ‘the hand The Guest’ and self highest ratings 4.1% register


‘the hand The Guest’ gathered the successful conclusion, 2 days TV rating research firm Nielsen Korea revealed that OCN tree original ‘the hand The Guest’ (the hand, more, the guest) broadcasted the day before at 11 p.m. recorded the audience rating 4.1%. In this day final episode (16 times), the charge platform audience rating integrating the cable, IPTV, and satellite the average of furniture 4.1% 4.5% was most recorded and the self highest score was broken. In the day before final episode, the process where the Hwapyeng Yoon (kim Dong-wook), most gloss (gimjaeuk), and Gilyeong Kang (snatch the pure silver and be resentful) repeated the reverse upon the inversion and it punishes Ildo Park was drawn. After the Shinboo Yang (the conduct envelope) died, the glazing of the son-in-law of the king person was solved and the favor Ryeong village took the peace back but Park degree day and decisive battle didn’t end easily. Ildo Park was the grandfather circle dance thing which Shinboo Yang is not. Ildo Park was accepted and it ran to the sea to its own body and Hwapyeng Yoon getting to know this was trying to have Ildo Park and end together. In order to find Hwapyeng Yoon, the rosary was wound around his wrist and the most gloss did the exorcism pray in the situation where the life is dangerous. However, the rosary was loosened and Hwapyeng Yoon proposed the most gloss onto the water surface. The energy of Ildo Park disappeared like that and the peace came. It gets to know that Hwapyeng Yoon survived and the most gloss and Gilyeong Kang smiles after the year 1. Whenever the hand The Guest’ was of the evil spirit coming back again and human that is more vicious than the evil spirit, it marked the perfect period with the eventuality leaving the message discerning the back society. The final episode audience rating is the highest figure among the ground wave implication TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays taking the day before electric wave.
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