The Gyeon Miri husband and sentence of imprisonment… the penal servitude 4 the year · the fine 2.5 billion ‘imprisonment’ in the stock manipulation


This people (51) Ssi who is the father of the actor reason rain and 2 dynes when being the husband of the actor Gyeon Miri was sentenced to the imprisonment for the suspicion of stock manipulation. The South Branch of Seoul District Court criminal conference 12 part (the Shim Hyeongseop head judge) revealed that it bought the going public on the KOSDAQ arrested and indicted on the law breach allegation about the capital market and financial investment industry on 2nd and the imprisonment sentenced A corp. all the move Lee to the fine 2.5 billion won in 4. A corp. the former the representative Kim, collecting the husband of the Gyeon Miri and crime publicly moreover, the imprisonment was sentenced to the fine 1.2 billion won in 3. The husband of the Gyeon Miri and Kim Ssi, and etc. are getting the charge fabricating the price of stock of listed on the KOSDAQ stock market A corp. into the object in which it will sell the gotten new stock to the high price through the capital increase with consideration from November, 2014 until February 2016th. As the money of the Gyeon Miri was invested and the Chinese capital flowed in a lot, it announced publicly and company financial soundness was improved, these cheated. With 2.300007 billion Yeo reaching the won the unfair profits which these get by the stock manipulation was investigated. About the stock market as to court, the dealing act in “the silk Ssi, that is one’s wife, didn’t take part in the capital increase with consideration in fact and did eC was in charge of the core role that it participated in the capital increase with consideration as the silk Ssi famous physician or recruited the investment person and you plan this case crime overall/propagate, it practices?” ” stock market obstructs the equitable price formation Damage the confidence and sound block the development of capital market. The profit which 1.5 billion won exceeds with the stock manipulation was taken and there were two same kind previous convictions and the crime was committed at the Nubeom period and it told. Previously, the Gyeon Miri agency Wineoseu media tells the official position that the Gyeon Miri is unconnected with the suspicion of stock manipulation of Lee in 2016. The agency revealed “it was unconnected with the suspicion of stock manipulation and the Gyeon Miri, as to a week didn’t sell”.
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