The jelly fish and strong confrontation advance notice.” in the evil replierTaking care of BIX · multiplication table honor protection.


BIX in Idol group and multiplication table agency jelly fish entertainment began to take off the coat to work on the evil replier. The jelly fish entertainment revealed to confront the netizen spreading the malicious posting for the protection of honor of the position artist group BIX (the Rabi, Ken, Leo and multiplication table (one, scarceness, Nayong, beach, cleaning, reason, Saelli, and U.S. or the Hye kite) squarely by formal report data on 2nd. On evil replier river which loses the authority of the artist including the malicious lie machinery personal attack slander about BIX spread indiscreetly to every kind of community board and SNS, and etc. based on ” recent online site and multiplication table and insulting text, false placard catalog copy and circulation, and etc. and the jelly fish entertainment damages the honorIt warned and conveyed to the Ryeok Ha. The malicious chronic on evil replier done habitually it is after that habitual in “the headquarters of a party for, all sorts of behaviors damaging the honor of the artist through the monitoring collection had been being continuously connected from old times. And it judged in being the situation where the habitual insult, the slander and indiscriminate false truth was being going around and it cannot sit and cannot look any more” ” thisIt was the stood legal action among the preparation, it added. Besides, it revealed to be “the situation where beating everyone receive not only relevant artist but also love and concern the deep hurt against because of the spread of false information that evil repliers produce continuously, indiscriminate criticizing comment, and etc. at the steps next week”. After that, it emphasized, saying that it was “the schedule which the headquarters of a party performs the thorough monitoring in this for the honor of the artist and protection of the authority and which it punishes strongly with the legal action” this to be “the plan which proceeds with the powerful legal punishment without the adequate management in order to order to keep the honor of the artist and contribute to the clean culture”.
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