The Jo Hyeon and ‘the inversion Gwiyo U.S. pause ~ in the sexy appearance’


It attends MBC new culture program ‘the Bigin Eo game’ production presentation which the Jo Hyeon of the girl group very good is held in Kangnam-gu Tehran street Aektojeuarena in the afternoon on 2nd and is striking a pose. As to ‘the Bigin Eo game’, which the Gimhui iron of Super Juniors and prodigy, Gimjun string, Guillaume Musso tag tri, ball chan of the B1A4, and Jo Hyeon of very good host the performers try the game against directly and the Nanwo steps is the various talk such as memory, history, etc related to the game broadcasted by the new concept game program at 12 o’clock tonight in 55 minutes.
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